When darkness guards the gate…

Good afternoon visitors, bloggers, readers and poetry lovers!

There seems to be a lot going on around here lately that is not particularly conducive to writing poetry.  That’s not an uncommon occurrence for most writers I’m sure.  As our minds become cluttered with sadness, negativity, and plain old bullshit, the difficulty of clearing the mind can become nearly impossible.Transcribing the feelings of our hearts onto an empty page can sometimes be overwhelming.  I’ve often used what would normally cause writer’s block or the inability to produce something productive as stimulation for new ideas.  That’s where much of my poetry has been borne, from the darkness of the mind.

A verse from the poem, “A Rhyme of Life”, from my first book of poetry, “Rhymes of Life”, reflects how sometimes the darkness can provide the light.

“Not always understanding
The circumstantial fate
Perhaps we learn
The true concerns
When darkness guards the gate.”

Perhaps, in our darkest moments, is  exactly when we learn the truths of life…

Be sure to get a copy of “Rhymes of Life”.  You’ll be enlightened in one form or another.


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6 thoughts on “When darkness guards the gate…

  1. I can’t believe I did this but I went as far back on your blog as I could get and found your lulu store. I’m so happy to know that you publish poetry books that makes my heart feel good today. I’ve been wondering about you all week just wanting to see if you are okay! I did read about your health issues and I hope and pray that your body, mind and soul are strong. I’ve seen a lot of sunrises as we get ready for Fall. You’ve been blogging on WP for a year I’ve been here 3 years and today I was thinking I might stop. Then I thought about you and people like you that I really enjoy interacting with and I thought I’ll stay and maybe slow down with my sharing and things I post. I hope your are okay! Blessings and warm hugs to you! Know you are in my thoughts. I enjoyed reading this evening! I might read a little more! Take Care Micki


    • This was indeed my first post. I started the blog during treatment for my first round of cancer in the lymph nodes of the neck and throat with an unknown primary. It’s very strange to go back and read this first month of posts now that I am again facing the same disease in a new location. It was fun to note that I received “no” comments from this first post until a year later. I so appreciated you wandering so far back in my blog to find this. Thank you, Fonz.

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      • I cry reading, why because I know so well how hard the second time is. I cannot control what is falling from my face. Only for you to know I am here for you man. In my next post will be my email address should you want it. I WILL answer…. 😊


      • Oh, Fonz… I am so sorry… The very last thing I intended was to create sadness… I just look at it this way… It has given my a new hobbie…. ‘Beating the odds’… Besides… we may need to write a book someday about how to maintain a positive attitude while standing in a pile of shit… (excuse the language please)

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