Liquids that blend with the soul…

I’d like to thank everyone who has visited “The Vision of Poets,” all those who have indicated that they liked what they read and especially those who have chosen to follow my posts.  Sitting here in my favorite chair this evening, having to rest from only minimal physical activities of the day, I am extremely thankful for the opportunity to sit in front of my laptop and write another post to my blog.  I have proudly beaten the odds of survival from severe heart disease, only to have been diagnosed with cancer.  I have every intention of beating the odds that cancer presents as well, while enjoying the wonderful opportunity to share my words in poetry and short stories with all who long to cross the barriers that stand before them.

It brings to light the verse from yesterday’s post, “When Darkness Guards the Gate” and magnifies the opening of an opportunity, allowing these words to flow across this page.  Many people find themselves in similar positions of sudden life changing circumstances, thinking that there is nowhere to turn.  Sometimes we never understand why things occur the way they do, but we must find ways to endure.  Many find their fulfillment and gratification in reading the poetry and stories that we write.  Many find that same satisfaction in writing.  For any of you who know someone in that position, of lesser or greater degrees, please offer them your support.  Read to them if they can’t or write something for them and dedicate it to them.

I hope you enjoy the verse from my poem “Rhymes and Reasons” from the book

“Rhymes of Life”

To those who stand in wonderment of ‘why’…..

“Life is like that, the dust and the dirt
And the liquids that blend with the soul.
We’re never really sure of the rhymes and the reasons
While fitting the parts to the whole.”

 Thanks for visiting and for lending a helping hand or an attentive ear to those who need them.

 Have a magnificent evening!


"Rhymes of Life"

“Rhymes of Life”

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2 thoughts on “Liquids that blend with the soul…

  1. Great post Michael. I think all of us know someone that could use a helping hand or just someone to listen to them. That’s a beautiful verse and I think that stuff happens to everyone that makes them wonder, ‘why’? Then at some point later on, an explanation just appears before us. It’s all like fitting the pieces together of a jigsaw puzzle. Thanks for the enlightenment.


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