The Sailor’s Wife

Good evening everyone…

We’re in the middle of a thunderstorm at this moment, which for some reason always makes me want to write poetry.  I opted instead to enter a post in the blog.  I’ve been visiting a lot of other blogs and websites of fellow wordpress members and have been quite enlightened by many things that I have read.  I love to read the emotional expressions of love, sadness, enlightenment, guilt, happiness, and some expressions of feelings that I’m not quite sure that I’ve ever experienced, from those who fill their pages with poetry and philosophical understandings.  The variety of writings that you can experience and enjoy is endless and magnificent.  Thanks to all of you who have visited and I hope that something you find on these pages will enlighten you as much as your writings have brightened my soul.

Here’s a few verses from another of my poems from “Rhymes of Life”, which you know by now can be found at or at

Having spent four years in the U.S. Coast Guard, I’m quite familiar with the deep blue sea… its beauty and its vengeance…

The poem is titled,

“The Sailor’s Wife”…

She sat upon those old grey stones,
Staring aimlessly at the sun.
The eternal waves splashing salty reminders
Of how quickly it came undone.
He thought himself a sailor,
A salt, as self proclaimed.
It mattered not, his seaman’s skill,
For the sea remained untamed.
Never was she fooled by faith,
For she knew mother nature’s wrath.
She knew many husbands, brothers, and sons
Taking Edmund Fitzgerald’s path.
He assured her of his wisdom
Often scribed to her in rhyme,
Now they were all she had to touch
Of her “Once upon a time”.

Thanks for your comments and to all those who are following The Vision of Poets…

I’m sure that everyone on wordpress is aware of this, but for those who may not be aware… all of the poetry postings on this blog are from my book and are copyrighted…

Copyright © Steven Michael Sanders 2014

Hope everyone has a stimulating moment in their creative abilities…

whatever they may be.


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