Analyze this…

Good evening fellow bloggers and readers of bloggers.

I spent far too much time this afternoon reading and wandering around blogs and websites of those who have been kind enough to follow my posts.  I was thoroughly entertained for a much longer period of time than what I had planned.  I would like to thank all of them for providing me the opportunity to visit their sites and to enjoy their writings and imaginations.

Tonight I’d like to do something a little different.  I’m going to post two verses of one of the poems from my book, with no title.  I’d like for all the visitors to please leave a comment as to what the two verses mean to them or their analysis of what they think the poem is about.  Feel free to tell it like it is… Have fun with it…

The verses…

Caught up in a ‘Once upon a time’
In a rhyme of shadowy spaces
The writing has always been on the wall
Behind those mysterious faces.
Wandering down the corridors
As time gently dances away
And the rainbow’s brilliant coloring book
Fades into shades of grey.
Okay everyone, let it rip.  I’ll be expecting some of those wonderful imaginations I’ve been reading lately, to offer some very enlightening responses.

Have an inspiring moment…


Copyright © Steven Michael Sanders


8 thoughts on “Analyze this…

  1. I felt like it was saying that we get so caught up in the “Once upon a time” moments of life, those fairy tale scenarios we dream about, that we often fail to see what’s right in front of our faces. The proverbial “writing on the wall.”

    Often times we wait so long waiting for things to change or a different outcome, or we wander through life instead having a clear direction. This causes us to miss the beautiful rainbow that is there showing us the storm of life is over. By the time we realize the direction we need to be in, the rainbow has faded and all we see is the grey sky from the storm we were in.


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