When Wisdom Lacked My Vision

The PoetGood evening wordpress bloggers,
visitors, poets, and poetry lovers.

I have not much to say tonight,
so I’m offering the following poetry
to all of those who can appreciate
the humor from a “not right” poet…..

“When Wisdom Lacked My Vision”
I’ve walked alone in retrospect
When wisdom lacked my vision
The silence echoed through my soul
Results of wrong decisions
I was abandoned as a child
With love evading essence
Surrounded by persona’s guise
And resulting evanescence
My life today remains alone
Mere survival midst the fog
The silence echoes through my soul
With no comments on my blog

Hope you have an enlightening inspiration…..



4 thoughts on “When Wisdom Lacked My Vision

  1. Thought I’d leave a comment so there’d be at least one on your blog. Thank you for following me. I’m so glad you did, because it gives me the opportunity to see your writing. Your poems are lovely. Look out for my next post because I will be promoting your website on it. I hope that’s alright with you?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Carole, thank you for visiting and I’m going to celebrate the comment. They seem to be a rare occurrence, so I certainly appreciate it. I’m honored that you will be promoting my site on yours, sharing with others is what this is all about. Loved your “Photos on My Wall” post. Reality brings both happy and sad, yet memories we place on our walls, usually reminds us of beautiful moments. Thanks again for visiting and I appreciate you sharing your enlightening writings with us.
    Have a beautiful evening…

    Liked by 1 person

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