A Writer’s Inspiration

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As requested by a very kind person currently following this blog, I am reposting from goodreads.com my answer to an Ask the Author question…

What’s your advice for aspiring writers?

My advice to them is to write.  When you get that inspiration, that feeling inside you that matters, that stimulates your emotions, stop whatever you’re doing and write it down.  If you let the discouragement of not selling your books, or the process of publishing, or the fact that you may suffer some kind of writers block and not finish your work, then you most likely won’t succeed.  Just relax and write for the enjoyment of writing for your own satisfaction.  Most likely, there will be others that like your work as much as you do.

I’d also like to include the answer to one of the other questions from goodreads.com
How do you get inspired to write?

I’m inspired when I wake up each morning and realize that I have the opportunity to experience another day and share the lives of those whom I care so much about.  To me, inspiration comes from the heart and not from the brain.  I’m not smart enough to have my brain place the words on the page.  The words come from the feelings within the heart.  The joyous heart, the broken heart, the sadness within the heart, the heart that nearly pounds you to death with the euphoria that love can bring, all provide the stimulation necessary to express yourself on an empty page.  Inspiration is everywhere around you.  Just open your eyes and look or close your eyes and imagine.

Since we’re discussing the inspiration of writing, I’d like to include a couple of versus from one of the poem’s included in my book, “Rhymes of Life” entitled “The Rhythm of Inspiration”.

“The Rhythm of Inspiration”

I could not write of Shakespeare’s sonnets
For their rhythm’s like the sea,
Their beauty often steals your breath
Then falls like a withering tree. 
I could not write of relationships
For their rhythm’s like the Spring,
Their beauty stirs the human senses,
Yet can bring the scorpion’s sting.
Perhaps I could write of passion
For its rhythm’s like the light.
Its beauty can create the rainbow
And disappear within the night.
Copyright © Steven Michael Sanders 2014

If you’d like to read the rest of this poem, please visit my author spotlight page at

Hope everyone has and inspirational moment…..



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