Once Upon a Time


Good evening bloggers, poets, writers, readers and poetry lovers.

I hope your evening is as enlightening as mine.  It’s a beautiful evening here in the southern plains, the sun setting just past the horizon, its light gently kissing the tree tops.  Thanks to everyone who has visited, liked, and clicked the magical ‘follow’ button on this blog.  I’ve enjoyed immensely having the opportunity to visit everyone’s blogs and websites, finding enlightenment in some form on all of them.  Thank you all for sharing your writings, poetry, and imaginations with me.

Tonight, I’d like to share a few versus from a poem entitled “In Search of Soul” from my “Rhymes of Life” book. Two versus previously posted, I’ve included a third.  I suppose I’ll eventually post it all.  I’m sure that everyone at some point has been caught up in a ‘Once Upon a Time’ moment in their lives.  This poem was written about one of those moments in my life.  I’d love to post the entire poem here, but then, no one would have a reason to purchase my book.  Everyone knows by now where to find my book, so if you want to read the rest of this poem and many others….. you know where they are.

From “In Search of Soul”

Caught up in a ‘Once upon a time’
In a rhyme of shadowy spaces
The writing has always been on the wall
Behind those mysterious faces.
Wandering down the corridors
As time gently dances away
And the rainbow’s brilliant coloring book
Fades into shades of grey.
Have they all fallen down the rabbit hole?
Or was Alice the only fool?
She never considered the way out of there
Yet everyone thought she was cool.
‘Once upon a time’ moments can be a wonderful exhilarating experience that enlightens us beyond anything we’ve known before.  When those magnificent moments go bad, it can take us to our knees.  The most profound realizations that occur from those moments in time, is that no matter what results come from the experience, good, bad or extremely ugly… they are still experiences that can stir the inspiration within the writer.  So turn those ugly breakups into stories or use them in your novel, and from those moments that change a ‘Once Upon a Time’ into a lasting beautiful memory, put it into words in poetry.

Be Inspired



3 thoughts on “Once Upon a Time

    • Thanks for the visit and the comment Audrey. Dancing around the rabbit hole can provide quite an experience, however, on several of those occasions, I managed to fall in. So far, somehow, I’ve managed to crawl back out.
      I’ve been spending more time on your site and lovin’ your poetry. I love reality in verse. Looking forward to my next visit. Thanks again and have an inspiring day.


      • You’re welcome, Michael. Yes, I’ve also managed to fall in. Seems we’re all guilty.

        Thank you for saying so, Michael. Reality in verse is a beautiful image. I seriously appreciate you mentioning it. My goal is to make everyone a fan of poetry. I want the nonbeliever to believe that poetry can be easy to understand and seem simple, an every day man’s interest. Please let me know if you ever have any questions. My day has been inspiring so far. I spent the day in downtown Houston taking pictures. I’m hopeful that some of them are worthy of using. Enjoy your night.

        A pleasure speaking with you, as well. I’m happy to meet you. I look forward to reading more of your poetry. I am impressed with what I read this morning.



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