Rhapsodies in Rhyme


Good evening…

Have you ever just sat in the silence and pondered life as if it were a rhapsody in rhyme?  I know… some of you are pondering at this moment the mentality of this blogger.  That’s alright, I often do that myself.  If you think about the definition of a rhapsody, it applies quite appropriately to life.  In music, rhapsody is an instrumental composition irregular in form and suggestive of improvisation.  That certainly can describe one’s life.  My life has certainly been irregular in form and has endured considerable improvisation.  Another definition is an ecstatic expression of feeling or enthusiasm.  Well, that too fits, although I wish there had been more of those moments.  There’s another part of the definition of rhapsody that refers to an epic poem.  The only thing I have found that doesn’t fit as a description of my life, is that I find most rhapsodies to be most beautiful.  In my life, I find that a whole bunch of it has been out of tune.  Sharp, flat, missed notes, unexpected and unwanted crescendos and pianissimos at the most inappropriate times, fairly well describes the life of the ‘not right’ poet.

Fitting all the pieces to the whole is what’s necessary to view life in the right perspective.  Enduring all those ‘out of tune’ moments, sometimes lasting for days, months and years, is often the toughest part, but when we fit them all together, the open spaces are filled with the most beautiful moments that we never want to forget.

Tonight I’m posting a couple of versus from one of my newer poems,

“Rhapsodies in Rhyme”… I hope you enjoy it…

I heard the quiet whispers of their voices
Echoes distant memories back in time
Shadows fading wisps of recognition
When life was simply rhapsodies in rhyme
I heard the muffled laughter down the hallway
Attempts to emulate the effervescence
Mirrored by reflections of the yearning
When all we had was passion’s incandescence
I saw their faces flushed with exultation
The self-effacing smiles of destined pleasures
Remembering the passions and the hunger
When contemplating quests of hidden treasures
I hope all of you have an enlightened and inspired weekend…
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2 thoughts on “Rhapsodies in Rhyme

  1. Such a beautiful idea. I personally love ‘Rhapsody in Blue’ (Gershwin) but have never consciously thought of the similarities to ones life. Nothing is perfect, but somehow it is these imperfections that keep life interesting. Thank you for a thought provoking piece.


    • Hi Mim, thanks for visiting and commenting on the post. I don’t get many comments, so I’m very pleased that you took the time to brighten my evening with your kind words. I think you’re right about the imperfections keeping life interesting. Without them, we’d probably all be bored. Besides, some imperfections have their own inner beauty if we just look hard enough to find them.

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