Living with cancer

Rain drops on the rose

Raindrops on the rose

Tonight I’d like to keep my post simple and to the point.  Living with serious illnesses is not an easy task for anyone.  I visited a new site today, as a result of a new follower of this blog.  I was truly enlightened by her writings.  I wrote several poems after I was diagnosed with cancer last year.  I would like to share one of those poems with this recent follower and anyone who cares or dares to wander into the shadows of cancer.

To Caroline
It’s not so much the pain involved
Or the fact that it drives you insane.
It’s the questions tormenting your psyche
That you are searching to explain.
Some people may think you’ve lost it
As you wonder and doubt the whys.
You try to see the beauty of life
While the world around you cries.
It always seems to come out of the blue
Fading the brilliance to grey.
You tell them all just what it is
But no one knows what to say.
You appreciate those who care for you
And don’t doubt the ones who know.
But it’s not exactly what you had in mind
To fade your vibrant glow.
It’s a difficult road to be positive
But a must if you’re to endure.
Trusting in those who have always loved you
Is the path to find the cure.
You must follow the pathway before you
No matter how large the stones
And walk along the water’s edge
Knowing you’re not alone.

© 2014 Steven Michael Sanders

Please share this poem with anyone who you feel may benefit or be encouraged by it…
Hoping everyone has an enlightening and healing evening…



4 thoughts on “Living with cancer

    • Thank you Caroline for your exceptionally kind words. I can’t know what all you’ve had to deal with, but I can certainly feel the empathy for you in your struggle to endure. I’m very pleased that you liked the poem. The healing ‘light’, the ability to write, and the opportunity to experience what other bloggers like you have to offer is what continues to stimulate my mind and my will. Thanks again…


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