The Passion of September

Photo by Dan at

Photo by Dan at

This post will definitely be considerably different from the seriousness of the last post.  A good friend of mine asked me to write a poem for him to use in his erotic romance novel.  To be honest, I’ve only read one erotic romance novel and that was “Hart’s Desire” written by this same friend.  He gave me access to his new manuscript to the point where he wanted to include the poem, for me to know what to write that would be appropriate.  I gave it my best shot.  He says that he loves it and is going to post it on his site as an enticement for his next novel.

I’m only going to post the first three versus on this site because the remainder of the poem would not exactly be conducive to the type of information I prefer to post here.

If you feel that you would be offended by reading poetry of a suggestive nature, please proceed no further and don’t allow this one post to deter you from visiting in the future.  For those of you who enjoy the versus that I’m posting here and are brave enough to seek out the remainder of the poem, (trust me… it gets worse… or better depending on your point of view) my friend Vincent assures me that he will have it posted on his site…

A word of caution though, about his site.  Remember… he is an erotic romance writer.  I was on his site this morning and didn’t find anything that I would consider particularly objectionable.  However, he did say that he was going to post an excerpt of his new book in the near future, so proceed with caution if you’re concerned.  My poem will probably be the most provocative thing on his current post, so travel there at your own risk.  Hope you enjoy the poem.

The Passion of September
She placed her warm, soft hand on top of mine
And whispered words that I had never heard
Her gentle smile was that of fascination
My emotion of desire had just been stirred
She rubbed her hand against my faded denims
The pressure building underneath her palm
Her kiss of passion like I’d never witnessed
The angst no longer veiled beneath the calm
Her buttons gliding slowly through the fissures
Revealing naked truths beneath the lace
Vestures falling softly on the linens
Our bodies trembling with our first embrace

Copyright © Steven Michael Sanders

To read the poem in its entirety… please visit and don’t blame me for what you may find there.

Have an enlightened evening…..

I welcome your comments.



6 thoughts on “The Passion of September

  1. I need to rethink how I spent the month of September, Michael. Your poem is wonderful and I will be reading the rest. (I love the idea of her whispering words he had never heard. She sounds experienced.) I enjoy all sorts of creativity, I don’t think your friend, Vincent, will surprise me. I’ve gone to many a erotica blog to thank them for following me. I have an open mind and am happy to read that you do, as well.

    Enjoy your evening.

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    • Thanks very much for your comment Audrey Dawn. Glad you picked up on the rather sly ‘experienced’ suggestion. Hope you enjoyed the full poem on Vincent’s site. If you did, you found a couple of other references to the ‘experienced’ differences between them. I just love it when someone actually “gets it”. Thanks again for visiting and I’ve been visiting your site daily and absorbing………

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    • Wow – you went back down the list a way to find that post. Hope you followed the link and read the complete poem. I don’t know about classy and elegant, but it was certainly a whole lot of fun to write. Now, you write some very inspiring erotic romance, although in this moment my references are limited in number, I am anticipating reading much more. Oh – and don’t ever worry about sounding strange or provocative – it’s just me here. My mind is always very open…

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