Carillons in the Darkness


Once again the ‘not right’ poet has come up with a new adventure.  Talking with my daughter this evening, we were discussing subject matter for poetry.  I joked about writing poetry on consignment for people that would just give me a subject and let me loose on the laptop to write whatever popped into my tiny brain.  She said she wanted me to write a poem using music as the subject.  So I did.  She is extremely musically inclined and plays with the Rezound!  Handbell Ensemble of Kansas City.  If you ever get the chance to hear them, listen well… They are amazing.

What resulted in my efforts surprised even the writer.  Sometimes I think I must be possessed by some very strange unknown poet from another time and place.  Of course, some people think that I’m just possessed by something other than a poet.  We won’t discuss what that is on this blog.

I’ve been spending a great deal of time on the sites of those who are following this site and thoroughly enjoying a tremendous amount of beautiful free style poetry by a large number of very talented writers.  This is my very first attempt at ‘free style’ poetry, so please be kind with your comments.

For Amy…..

Carillons in the Darkness

I was lost in the darkness last night
Not because the power went out
Or because there was no candle within my reach
It wasn’t the moonless night,
With shadows moving only in obscurity
The lack of moonlight was the least of my apprehensions
I was neither inside nor outside
As I ambiguously dwelled inside out
Lost within the deepest shadows of my mind
I’ve dwelled there often in the past
Not knowing how I got there
Nor reaping the wisdom to find the pathway out
Frantically, I searched for the philosophy of reason
Reaching into the darkness of unknowing
My outstretched hand finding only nothingness
I was attempting to move forward
Grasping for anything of substance
While finding only shards of my hollow soul
As I stumbled into realms of the forsaken
Believing all was lost within my flesh
I heard the sound of bells drift down the alleyway
The music resonated through the anguish
A glimpse of light reflecting on my face
Absorbing echoes of the chimes rejuvenation
The clearing brought the vision of youthful hands
Surrounding leather handles of the bells
With a magnificent sound as rich and full as carillons
The melodies had chased away my darkness
The shadows disappearing with the dawn
As the choir so gently cast aside my fear
My vision cleared as I focused on the back street
The graffiti ladened walls were all that stood
While the resonance of bells remained within me
It must have been a ghostly intervention
That spared me from delusions of my death
The ringers lingered, dampening the anguish
Till the child returned bequeathing my first breath
Copyright © 2014 Steven Michael Sanders
Thanks to those of you who have offered your beautiful comments…..I have been enlightened by you!
Have a wonderfully enlightened evening…


3 thoughts on “Carillons in the Darkness

    • Thank you for your kindness and for lifting my spirit. I was beginning to think that I had somehow failed my readers because I had received no comments. Yours changed my thinking. In my previous post ‘The Fall of Innocence’ I spoke of subtle changes that can change a person’s life. Isn’t it beautiful how that works even in a simple comment? Hope you don’t mind me quoting from your post, by saying, I’ll be searching for your beautiful words in “the clouds that roll past the window”. That was a beautiful post I read on your site today. Thanks for sharing it.


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