Beneath the Bridge

Image courtesy of satit_srihin at

Image courtesy of satit_srihin at

Beneath the Bridge
I write of the darkness
Because that’s where I often dwell
Beneath the bridge where even water doesn’t dare
Leaving only me and the weeds
The shadows wander through
Slowly as if on the backs of snails
As the morn moves into dusk
Returning the darkness as the light concedes
The creatures surround me
Eyes reflecting fears from neath my soul
As I run into the nothingness
Collapsing with my back against the wall
The blood stains on my hands
From the faults of my own delusions
Dignity muddied in the moonlight
As those supposed to care just watch me crawl

© 2014 Steven Michael Sanders

Thanks to all who visit and thanks for your comments.

Have an uplifting evening…


7 thoughts on “Beneath the Bridge

    • Hi Carol, you’re exactly right. If the poet can take you into the place where they dwell when writing, they’ve accomplished their purpose. Thank you so much for visiting, following and for your wonderful comment. I just finished visiting your site as well and found some beautiful writing there. Thanks for introducing me to your poetry. Have an enlightening evening.

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