The Misunderstanding

The City

The City

Dear followers, visitors, bloggers, and unfortunate souls that have wandered here aimlessly by clicking the wrong button.

Thank you for stopping by to read one of my more unusual poems.

Sometimes reality just hurts our hearts.  Sometimes the only way to keep from letting that reality drive us to a point beyond my normal state of being….. the ‘not right’ stage… is to express ourselves in print.

Expressions of reality from the heart.

Story time in rhyme…..

“The Misunderstanding”
He watched her from a distance
As she crossed the avenue by the cafe
His gaze transfixed on her enchantment
As she paused to window shop along the way
The springtime bursting forth with loving blooms
A flower girl offered her a treat
She placed a purple orchid in her hair
As he watch her from the sidewalk cross the street
She turned and cast her eyes in his direction
For the first time, he had looked her in the eye
She shared no smile or look of her contentment
Expressing her most evident decry
He moved to cross the street toward her beauty
To reassure her of his innocent desire
Admiring her magnificent personna
Never would he harm what he admired
As the space between them narrowed in the sunlight
She pointed his direction for the cop
He tried to just explain he was admiring
When the cop reached for his weapon yelling stop
Panicked by the threat of what occurred
He turned around and ran into the black
The cop yelled words he couldn’t hear
Then felt a burning pain pass through his back
Not knowing what had happened he fell forward
He watched the blood begin to stain the thread
His vision of her beauty faded slowly
Delusions started entering his head
He opened up his eyes to see her essence
Her hand had covered up her saving grace
He smiled and then informed her of his reason
His fascination for the vision of her face
She gasped and then repeated what he’d said
The policeman asking why the hell he ran
His eyes then closed the doorway to his vision
The crowd was staring at his empty hands                              
It was no fault of hers, the lawman said
As her tears profusely fell onto the pavement
Her conscience never justified the verdict
Her soul could not escape her own enslavement
They found her comatose in her apartment
Prescription bottle lying on the stand
Peacefulness had gently taken over
While she held the purple orchid in her hand
The lawman wandered aimlessly the streets
Returning to the booze he’d given up
They found him in his truck under the Hudson
Holding in his hand an empty cup
The flower girl still stands upon the corner
Changing sadness on their faces with her flare
She never understood the circumstances
But she wears a purple orchid in her hair

Copyright © 2014 Steven Michael Sanders

Please feel free to express your reality in the comments section.

Have a beautiful night…..


7 thoughts on “The Misunderstanding

    • Good morning Audrey Dawn. I didn’t really see it coming either. It just kind of flowed out of my fingers and onto the page. I wrote it….. I read it….. and although I disliked the subject, for some reason I felt it necessary to post it. There’s far too much of this occurring today. Things need to change. I hope everyone that read it was able to understand that these individual’s reactions were in relation to the actions of another, while individually, their stories were tragic within themselves. Too many overdoses, too many alcohol related deaths, too many unnecessary killings, and too many people not understanding the circumstances.
      I just finished reading “Calm Twilight” on your site. Absolutely beautiful. I hope all my visitors read it for themselves. They’ll be glad they did.
      Have a beautiful day….


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