Through the Window

P1010654Thanks to all those following and visiting this blog.  Last night’s post of “The Misunderstanding” has earned the honor of receiving the most visits thus far in one day for this site.  I appreciate you all very much and hope that I continue to present poetry that you enjoy.  I’m honored by your presence on this site.  I so enjoy your comments and the communication between us.  It’s good for the spirit…..

Through the Window

Looking through the window
At your alabaster face
The beauty steals my breath away
Your body draped in lace
I shouldn’t be this near to you
Deprived of your embrace
Yearning just to gently touch
Your virtue and your grace
Perhaps my clouded thinking
Enraptured by the dawn
Had somehow simply misconstrued
The pictures that were drawn
Shadows long in morning’s light
My image on your wall
Reflecting hidden passion’s truth
That never can befall
Looking through the window glass
Your glistening eyes found mine
The desolation shook my soul
Forbidden love defined
I held you once against me
Touched your face inside a dream
Now my heart, my barren soul
Anguished in their screams
Looking through the window
At your alabaster face
Longing for what cannot be…
The warmth of your embrace
Copyright © Steven Michael Sanders

I hope tonight your beauty steals someone’s breath…..



14 thoughts on “Through the Window

    • Thank you Audrey Dawn. That’s the first Bravo I’ve ever gotten. I guess it’s quite obvious that I am a bit of a romantic. Possibly more than a bit… Sadly… But there are those times when it just feels right. Glad you enjoyed it and proud that it was what you needed to read. That just makes it a great experience from both ends of the story. A great deal of your writing affects me the same way.

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    • Thank you so much MichelleMarie…
      Some have said that I’m just plain weird
      A few have said unusual
      More than one has inferred
      That ‘several’ of my personalities are unique
      I prefer to refer to myself as “un-normal”
      Thank you for your most generous kindness
      I’m glad you enjoyed the photo and the poem…
      Hope your day has been most pleasant…

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      • You know I don’t think so much that it is personalities although maybe so but I think some folks you can share only certain things with and then others transparent and so depending on who reads what they might think and say all sorts of things but what I have learned about myself is that I used to dance to many tunes or wear different hats because I do function as a mom, employee, etc…so each requires a different set of skill sets to cope with all the weird people you come across. In fact it’s everyone else that is weird and we are the normal ones! 😀 That was funny to me but it’s true. I’ll share this! I struggle with allowing me to be me with very controlling people. They have such a controlling spirit, I have a physical reaction, my heart beats like crazy and I can hardly breath when they do their controlling thing and standing my ground or being myself takes all my courage and strength to not be moved by them. BLAH controlling people should all be put somewhere away from sensitive people! 😀

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    • I have never been ‘normal’… never even considered it a possibility… never wanted to be… I think my birth certificate says ‘un-normal child’… I have a very similar reaction to controlling people… I think they should all be gathered up and put in a small area where they must deal with only one another…

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      • I was thinking about you last night. I wanted to read more but my eyes were so sleepy that is a new thing for me so I took advantage and went to sleep. Woke up super early by my sweet baby sister…the Antell girls are facing our stuff and drowning ourselves in our art. I love that! Art is so healing I feel! So I want to share this song with you! I shared it on my blog but I thought I bet you know this place! You probably are here quiet often!

        I was thinking we can go anywhere in our minds. They are very powerful. I’ll tell you a story about my Pa one day when it comes up again! I’m going with the flow today! I sat down to read your blog again and my sister asked for me to make some art for her poem she sent me so I did. This healing is a good thing! ❤ I never want to be normal either. I also was thinking that getting lost is not such a bad thing once your find all your pieces, hold them and love them back to life and then you can get lost again and it's okay to do so! I think! I'm lost today somewhere between here and there. Isn't that funny?


      • I am possibly one of those people you would put in a corner. But I have learnt that we have two ears and one mouth. I am learning humility.. To some it’s not natural. Especially to those that’s brains did not develop normally in early life. Lacking the love required for normal growth.

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      • Oh Fonz… you certainly don’t belong in the corner. I’ve read too many of your posts and your comments… Your caring and compassion are the most beautiful of lights to so many of us. You just don’t really recognize what you have given to us who struggle… who suffer… who hurt… who far too often find themselves searching for the flame of a candle within the darkness… That… my friend… ‘IS’ humility…


    • Yes, I am there often. Sometimes just to clear my thoughts… Sometimes just to breathe… Sometimes just to linger in the light of poets passed…
      Sometimes just to find the words that I would like to share…
      I must say… I do believe… That I have seen you there…

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      • Oh wow I found a comment I didn’t answer…sorry about that! I’m happy to know you have seen me there! I think I just like hanging out mostly! I observe a lot! I was just heading to sleep but wanted to see if I missed any comments today and I did! So while I’m here just wanted to say it is so nice to run meet you! It’s been just a few short days and it feels like I’ve known you longer! Hope your weekend is wonderful the rest of it! Much rest to you! 😀


      • OH gosh I love that song so much! I sent it to my sister today….she cried and cried. We share music and I love sometimes song says so much! My daughter will send me a song and say Mom listen to this and I know right where she is. I love that so I’m happy you like that song! I was driving to Chicago on vacation all by myself and I was listening to songs I have never heard and this was one of them so it’s my new favorite! Yay! I think that is a beautiful goal! 😀

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