The Essence of Darkness


I got the message loud and clear concerning last night’s post.  The message?  Don’t ever do that again.  Few likes and no comments.  I guess I should have known from my own poetry from previous posts…

“Poetry inspires the heart,
And the smart enough to know better,
Than to play with minds of scholars…….”
With all my scholarly readers and followers, I should have been smart enough to know better than to play with the minds of my readers.

“…..To calm the minds of poets,
Who know it won’t go on without the rhyme.”

Really???  I didn’t pay attention to my own philosophy?
Learning from my own writings, I’ll resume the posts of poetry.

The Essence of Darkness
She dwelled in the essence of darkness
The absence of light in her room
Her resonance coiled in innocence
As if hiding from truths in the womb
Her reality had blurred from the passion
Sifting like hour glass sand
Feeling his presence beside her
The touch on her face of his hand
The darkening shades on her windows
Enclosing her darkness within
Dwelling in aphotic ambience
Enhancing his touch on her skin
Her mind had echoed the danger
Surpassing illusions of time
Extant in hues of the raven
Lost within zoetic rhymes

No….. you won’t find it at…. You’ll have to search deeper for the meaning.
Isn’t it ironic that it rhymes with ‘poetic’?

Have an enlightening evening and chase away the hues of the raven…..



6 thoughts on “The Essence of Darkness

  1. I didn’t get to last night’s post until tonight. Does that excuse my absence, Michael? You truly are a very good poet. Tonight’s poetry is spot on beautiful. Never question your choices, my dear. Your words are felt. So much more I should say, however my eyes are heavy after a long day and I should allow sleep to find me. Poetic dreams await…


    • Your beautifully imaginative writing continues to amaze me. You should post that last sentence of your comment on your site. “…however my eyes are heavy after a long day and I should allow sleep to find me. Poetic dreams await…” Absolutely Beautiful!!! Thank you.


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