A Light in the Darkness


A little explanation on tonight’s post.  I enjoy experimentation, which comes from a scientific background.  This blog can certainly become the laboratory for the exploration of writing.  It was created for many reasons.  To explore writing in a public forum, to learn more about writing, to improve my writing and to attempt to find out what type of poetry the readers enjoy the most.  I could list many more reasons, but one of the most important one’s is that it is my therapy.  Writing poetry, reading other writers poetry, stories, philosophies, and a variety of other formats, is the best form of therapy that I have found.  The very best part of this therapy in relation to this site, is the communication between the reader and the writer through the comments section.  I truly appreciate those who have taken the time to communicate their thoughts and to enrich my spirit with your wonderful enlightenment.  Thank you!

Sometimes in my attempt to rehabilitate myself in recovery from various illnesses, the experimenter sometimes surfaces.  This happens to be one of those times.

Last night you read “The Essence of Darkness.”  It portrayed a young woman, lost within her own darkness, because of her inability to accept the unexpected and unexplained loss of her lover.  Tonight, I’m posting a poem called “A Light in the Darkness.”  It portrays the young man whom she lost.  I haven’t yet found anyone offering separate posts of poetry that connect one to the other, but I’ll continue searching.

I’m posting last night’s poem again tonight for those who might not have read it, for their convenience and to refresh the memories of those who did read it.  The young man’s poem is posted immediately afterward.

Please let me know through your comments, your feelings about reading two poems that connect the two lovers together.

The Essence of Darkness
She dwelled in the essence of darkness
The absence of light in her room
Her resonance coiled in innocence
As if hiding from truths in the womb
Her reality had blurred from the passion
Sifting like hour glass sand
Feeling his presence beside her
The touch on her face of his hand
The darkening shades on her windows
Enclosing her darkness within
Dwelling in aphotic ambience
Enhancing his touch on her skin
Her mind had echoed the danger
Surpassing illusions of time
Extant in hues of the raven
Lost within zoetic rhymes
 A Light in the Darkness
He dwelled in the essence of light
The touch of her skin on his face
His very last taste of ambrosia
Longing for heaven’s embrace
His reality had blurred from the passion
Blurred by the depth of his tears
Feeling her presence beside him
Unable to dampen his fears
As the light penetrated his windows
Searching for what he had lost
Extant in translucent caverns
Determined whatever the cost
Unconscious for nearly a year
Awakening without her perfume  
Not knowing she dwelled in the hues of the raven
Never thinking to search in her room
His mind had echoed the danger
Trapped by illusions of time
He found her still coiled in innocence
And rescued their zoetic rhyme

Have a most beautiful evening…..

Thanks for visiting!



2 thoughts on “A Light in the Darkness

    • Thank you, my most faithful commenter. I thought it would be interesting also. I could go into a lengthy analysis of these poems, as I’m sure most poets can do in relation to their own poetry. Her assumptions of why she had lost him was taking her very near to the lines between sanity and insanity, while his failure to assume that he should look for her in the most obvious of places, nearly kept them apart… not knowing. “Assumptions”… We should all be very careful about those!!! Thank your continued support and for your comments. I appreciate you so very much. Sorry I get so long winded some times.

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