In Search of Soul

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Good evening bloggers, visitors, followers, and unusually odd visitors.  I’m running a little late this evening with the post due to circumstances beyond my control.  Don’t you just hate it when that happens?  I’m posting the complete poem from an earlier post where I posted only a few verses.  Hope you enjoy it in its entirety.  From “Rhymes of Life”…..

“In Search of Soul”

Caught up in a ‘Once upon a time’
In a rhyme of shadowy spaces
The writing has always been on the wall
Behind those mysterious faces.
Wandering down the corridors
As time gently dances away
And the rainbow’s brilliant coloring book
Fades into shades of grey.
Have they all fallen down the rabbit hole
Or was Alice the only fool?
She never considered the way out of there
Yet everyone thought she was cool.
What if Jack had not been nimble
He’d been burned like all the rest.
What if Little Red’s big bad wolf
Was her inner most fear suppressed?
I’ve been in the tunnels leading out of here
And traveled through giant black holes.
Like Dorothy’s friend, the scarecrow
In search of the heart of my soul.
It wasn’t found in wonderland though
Or where the yellow brick road resides.
The way back home is found within,
It’s that soft little voice inside.

So… be nimble or you could get burned
Don’t suppress your inner most fears like Little Red
Or you might end up with a wolf in your bed


3 thoughts on “In Search of Soul

    • It does tend to keep one up at night sometimes. It also often calms one’s fears, excites the enthusiasm, and lifts the spirit beyond what we thought possible. I guess this is my own personal interpretation…. Probably shouldn’t post it on a blog… especially in the comments section… But I think that tiny, quiet, whispering little voice inside, our conscience, that little person that can so easily distinguish between right and wrong, totally disconnected from our brain, is our closest connection to touching the face of God. But then, what do I know???
      Oh… and by the way… you can never be too much of a dreamer. Of course, that philosophy comes from a dreamer.


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