The Darkness in Rhyme


Shaman’s Dream photo credit: rjg329 via photopin cc


The Darkness in Rhyme
Nothing of significance
Is that what you want to hear?
Were you hoping for something of consequence
To extinguish your cold hearted fears?
I’d tell you something of truths
That you’d never be able to bear
But you never adorn your veracity
In the middle of daylight’s glare
You act like a damnable vampire
Hiding in the shadows of night
You have an aura of darkness absorbed
Inflicting nefarious plights
You turned on me last evening
When you found me inside of your head
I saw all the things you did to her
I heard everything that was said
I’m sorry that she’s so forgiving
Cause I know that you’ll do it again
But you know that I’ll always remember
As I see through your shit eating grin
I’m glad that you find it disturbing
That I’m lurking inside of your mind
I’ll stir your brain to confusion
To destroy the plans you designed
You should know that I’d come to her rescue
I’ve loved her through eons of time
You can go on your own and vacate your throne
Or I’ll abolish your darkness in rhyme

© 2014 Steven Michael Sanders

Have you found me inside of your head?
Have a clear minded evening… void of the darkness


3 thoughts on “The Darkness in Rhyme

    • I’m sorry Audrey Dawn… I certainly didn’t want to frighten anyone other than the one (ones) that inspired this poem. Glad you enjoyed it though. Hope you have an absolutely beautiful weekend.


  1. The dichotomy of light and dark intrigues us.. I love your forthright and bold approach as well as how you place yourself right in the midst of your poetic characters… Beautiful.. Cari


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