When Sparrows Cross the Veil

photo credit: Gustavo (lu7frb) via photopin cc

photo credit: Gustavo (lu7frb) via photopin cc

I hope every visitor tonight is having a beautiful Friday evening.  It’s a little stormy in the southern plains tonight, but the rain is bringing with it, the Fall.  It seems that my poetry continues to get a little more strange with time, but I suppose that’s because of the growing strangeness in the mind of the poet.  However, my heart, ill as it may be, continues to be filled with love and enlightenment.

Where can enlightenment be found?  Anywhere you take the time to look for it.

When Sparrows Cross the Veil

I slept last night in nakedness
On the porch behind the screen
Now mystic visions surrounded me
Of the meaning behind the dream
The moon was bright in moments
Then passing behind the clouds
Leaving me in darkness
Divested beneath the shroud
I saw her face before me
Etched softly in the glass
A Sparrow perched upon her hand
With a single blade of grass
Her image softly whispers
As she offered me her hand
The sparrow crossed the veils of time
So I could understand
He dropped the blade of Persian green
And placed it on my shoulder
He whispered idioms in my ear
With wisdom of beholders
She smiled behind the crystal lens
From otherworldly distance
Forewarning me of what may come
Near the line of least resistance
The etchings faded in the fog
Leaving echoes of her voice
Wonderment lying within my soul
As if no other choice
The clouds unveiled the moonlight
Filtered softly through the screen
Glancing in the looking glass
My eyes had turned to green
Waking up in nakedness
The window lined in brass
Lying on the window seal
A single blade of grass
Wondering if my eyes had lied
I journeyed from my pillow
Pervading through the graceful limbs
Were Sparrows perched in Willows
I’ll sleep tonight in nakedness
A Sparrow behind the screen
Near the blade of grass that turned my eyes
To shades of Persian green

© 2014 Steven Michael Sanders

Sleep well….. behind the screen…..



One thought on “When Sparrows Cross the Veil

  1. Wow! I am tripping out.. I won’t go too far into detail but the sparrow has been a muse ( if u will) for me for a few years now.., i will try to find an older one I wrote.. This is enchantment and beauty wrapped in poetic silk..the vision of a sparrow means special things to me…the willow tree is an ongoing theme for me too!. I love this ty! Peace caro


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