They Mostly Slept in Boxes

Welcome to Sunday’s bloggin’ poem…

Thank you all who have visited this week and to those who have chosen to follow.  You are greatly appreciated.  One word of caution concerning tonight’s poem.  It does contain one word, one little four letter word, (actually seven letters with the addition of ing) that some may find objectionable.  If there are certain words that disturb you, perhaps you should pass on the opportunity to read “Boxes.”  Although I felt that the word was appropriately used within the setting and context of the situation, I know that some people are offended by this word.  So…. If you are one of those people, scroll down real fast, bypassing the naughty little four letter word in this poem… (no peeking as you scroll) and read some of the other postings that you have yet to experience.  I thank you greatly for visiting and hope you will return soon in spite of that one little four letter word.


They mostly slept in boxes
Banned from parks and benches
Sometimes they all just crawl inside
The muddy city trenches
Meg crawled in the dumpster
With the bitter cold arrival
Looking for some warmth within
To aid in her survival
Ike was missing from the group
His daily route was bare
Normally he just slept in late
Beneath some alley stairs
Jake adorned a tattered coat
Passed down by someone older
Observing Megan’s freezing face
He tied it round her shoulders
George, which was a pseudonym
a.k.a. ‘the finder’
Most often he could find some food
The hungry soul reminder
As a blinding snow began to fall
They huddled round the fire
Their spirits warmed by songs of joy
From a Salvation Army Choir
The passers-by would turn their heads
Whenever they walked near
As if these frail and hungry souls
Were something to be feared
No one stopped to lend a hand
Too busy spending money
Francis had just one remark
“Ain’t life funny?”
Tommy came around that night
To share the awful news
Ike found dead beneath the stairs
Robbed of his new shoes
Francis sobbed beyond control
‘The finder’ just too sad
Meg yelled out into the night
“This world’s gone fucking mad!”
They mostly slept in boxes…..
In shadows of the night
Cold and hungry, wet and poor
Living life in pain and fright
The arrogant ones were cold and rude
Their heartlessness obnoxious
The homeless dreamed of better lives
But they mostly slept in boxes

© 2014

Sleep warm tonight…..
Reach for a hand of someone less fortunate…..

To quote from my poem,

“The Veteran”

“If you see me amongst them, please don’t pass me by
 Offer a smile or just sit down nearby”

Have a beautiful Sunday evening…..



5 thoughts on “They Mostly Slept in Boxes

    • Thank you so much Audrey Dawn. I so appreciate your kind words and encouragement. Sometimes I feel that my ability is making progress and then other times I feel that it has taken a giant leap backward. Either way though, I love writing poetry, love reading the poetry of others and receiving your always enlightening comments. Thank you so very much


    • It saddens me to think of you on the street, especially in your teens. No one should have to experience a situation that brings about such feelings of aloneness that so many have had to endure for a thousand different reasons. I’m so very glad that you were strong enough to survive that period of torment in your life. It might be a little selfish of me, but I’m glad you’re here to share your writing with us and to brighten my day with your comments. Thank you!


      • Life is a journey that was a small part of mine. There is beauty out there in the streets as well as ugliness and many who choose to live there simply for the beauty they see. Thank you for your sweet words


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