Dark Secrets


Today has been…. Well… unpleasant.  Tonight’s poem is appropriate for the occasion.

Dark Secrets
My mind is occupied with pain
It’s nobody’s fault but my own
Sometimes we keep dark secrets there
We deal with all alone
Of course it’s bad for circumstance
To hide our inner heart
Often when we hide despair
It keeps us far apart
But what if I disclosed my hurt
Imbrued upon another
Then they’d be burdened within my pain
And both of us could smother
I guess some things you keep inside
Withdrawn from helping hands
Ladened with encumbered soul
Like the hour glass sifting sand
Often it will take its toll
Absorbing all that matters
While darkness clouds the rhymes of life
Leaves broken hearts in tatters
Of course you never really know
A person’s soul to bear
Cause every soul with consciousness
Will hide dark secrets there

© 2014

Extend your hand or sit down and listen…..
You might just be what matters…..


22 thoughts on “Dark Secrets

    • Hi tenderlytina! It certainly does help. It’s the best therapy that I’ve found and believe me… I’ve searched. Thank you so much for visiting and commenting. I hope you find a way out of “there” soon. When you have time, please read some of the previous posts… you’ll find that they include many others that have joined us “there” for many different reasons. Hope you have an enlightening evening.

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      • I’m a long way from out. I’m learning to keep living even while living with the intolerable. It’s a journey


    • I’m so glad you enjoyed this. I enjoyed writing it. Yes, writing is the best therapy I’ve found. Thank you so much for visiting and commenting. Interaction between us is probably my favorite part of all.


    • Thank you Audrey Dawn. I certainly can feel your presence here. If you don’t mind, I think I’ll just linger awhile, absorbing the hugs and love. They couldn’t have come at a better time. Thank you!!!


  1. Wonderfully written, Michael. It has the ring of truth…if so, I hope you are okay and not trapped “there”. I really enjoyed this one although that seems a bit inappropriate 🙂 I’m reminded of Hemingway on writing, that all there is to it is sitting down at a typewriter and bleeding.

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    • Sorry about the tears. Brilliance should be left to those with undisturbed minds. As far as getting out of your head, you and I both know that the possibility of that happening is very remote. Once someone gets into your head, they are there forever, even though they may just be slumbering in some darkened space between the lobes. From time to time they’ll find their way back into your consciousness and ambuscade the Parietal Lobe of your mind and make you feel…..


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  3. I found this via another post that referred to it and what I read here is firstly brilliant poetry… but i feel for your pain and yet also think that by penning such a brilliant poem it must in some way have helped…
    I love poetry and wish I could write it myself and I do know a few poets personally and via the blogosphere and I’ve always found these people to be very deep thinkers, intelligent and stable, so from that, I won’t worry about you not finding a way out of your pain and I will ear mark this site to see you rise above the horizon once again… again, such brilliant words combined to form such flowing perfect poetry…

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    • Your extremely kind words humbles me greatly. Thank you. It seems that everything I write these days helps me in some way. I love poetry too, both writing and reading and have so enjoyed so many wonderful poems by authors I have discovered or who have discovered me on wordpress. However, I feel that although you may think that you can’t write poetry, I would have to disagree after reading some of your words beneath your magnificent photography… Like when you spoke about the ripples in the water being visible only in the reflections of the Flamingos. That certainly sounds poetic to me. Beautiful words beneath a beautiful picture is poetic to all who love poetry. As I mentioned in a previous response to a comment, brilliance should be left to those with undisturbed minds and that rather excludes me. Yes, I am a deep thinker, but intelligent and stable would probably find those who would argue that point. I apologize for my long winded-ness in this response, but we poets are often known for being quite windy… You mentioned on your about page that your camera isn’t the best, but it would be difficult for us to tell from your beautiful photography. Thanks again for you kindness and I look forward to seeing many more photos on your site.


  4. The line that I kept going back to, that is not even part of the poem, but just touches me tremendously is the very last line: “You might just be what matters…” Through all the darkness, you still see a glimmer of hope. Don’t lose sight, Michael. Do not lose sight.


  5. It is true that it is hard to find anyone who can tolerate listening to someone open up, who has thoughts that are very dark. Most people “the Normals” ( a term coined by my best friend) , do not really have dark thoughts.

    It is disturbing to you that the things you think and feel , would be a terrible burden and unsettling to anyone who would ever hear them

    I do understand about these things. I have listened to the minds of people who were in the darkest of places. It is disturbing to hear things but everyone can make their own choices of how much is too much. If someone is able to listen then it is their decision whether or not they can handle it.

    There is hope for you to find someone that can listen to what you hide. If someone is able to listen then it will not destroy them. There are not many who can listen. But those will tune it out or ask you to stop.
    The one that allows you to continue, is the one who can do it.’

    I am sorry for this long writing. I just wanted you to know that someone can listen to you and not be destroyed by it.

    I look forward to hearing from you again. And I am taking your advice about making sure Annie time is included in my schedule this week. Actually, this counts for that. 🙂
    Peace and Love (it’s still a good idea ! ),

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