Absence of Malice

Broken mirror

photo credit: .tms via photopin cc

I suppose that I had only one visitor last night that was brave enough to comment on the post and I thank her for her courage.   It was just a little temporary rage… sort of… temporary… well… maybe not exactly temporary… Oh, alright… it’s ingrained in my soul and will never leave… but the rage has now passed… Temporarily.  However, tonight’s post approaches a subject that will always invoke rage within me.

Absence of Malice

The rhymes had vanished.
The door was left ajar from their escape.
The music echoed softly,
As if it was a part of the mistake.
Taking too much time
Stalling any form of reparation
Justice truly blind,
Adding to the state of desperation.
Truths had gone awry,
As if the blood had somehow disappeared.
Footprints by the door,
Belonging to the one who persevered.
Glass from broken mirrors
Reflecting broken hearts upon the wall.
Scattered shards of light
Casting shadows of their dreams before the fall.
Nothing stopped the tears
For those left standing naked in the rain.
Absence of malice,
For no one’s left to wear the mark of Cain.

Copyright © 2014 Steven Michael Sanders

Don’t let the shadows of your dreams
Leave you standing naked in the rain…..

Have a peaceful evening!



4 thoughts on “Absence of Malice

  1. I suppose, I don’t really understand this one. I feel a lot of pain in it. (hugs). Let’s imagine it’s a nice warm summer rain, shall we? That makes the nakedness crazy, fun and slightly delicious.


    • Good evening Tina… I guess this was a little difficult to understand, unless of course, you could understand where my slightly warped mind was, at the time it was written. I have no problem imagining the nice warm summer rain clothed only in a sense of humor… A much preferred experience than the one inferred in the poem, but perhaps good subject matter for another poem… Glad you visited me and left a comment. My favorite thing…


    • Hi Audrey Dawn… Sometimes I scare myself after reading and analyzing what I write. There’s something strange about that psychological phenomenon. Once again, your kindness has humbled me. I anxiously anticipate your most interesting comments with each post and I thank you dearly for them all. (quiet personalities are the most intriguing and alluring… and perhaps the most enlightening)


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