In the Wisdom of the Trees

In the Wisdom of the Trees

I stood beneath the trees
In the light of Persian Rose
That so often bathes the
Early morning sky.

Opening my heart and soul…
To the towering oak
Standing firmly before me…
Exposing all I had to bear,
Hiding nothing of the darkness within me
Sharing secrets that no
Living being has heard before…

It assured me that everything
Would be alright
That the universe
Could not and would not
Withhold enlightenment
From any being that
Might dare to ask….

But can you trust a tree?

Even the giant Oak
That has stood firmly before you
Since the day you first met?
Can you really reach deep into your soul
And know with unwavering certainty
That you can place your trust
Into another living creature?

You’ve watched from your window
Through seasons of time
While it most generously provided
The loveliest of sites for
Multitudes of creatures,
Both feathered and furred,
To bear and raise their families
In peaceful bliss
Never interfering with their way of life…
Their journeys across their world…
Or hope for their children…

But can you really trust the wisdom of a tree?

Can it really provide
The exultation of knowledge
To provide you with answers
That you have searched for
Your entire life…

Finding them only void of meaning…

Finding them only no where…..

I stood beneath its majestic branches
As hues fade into amaranth
Reflecting shades of elegance
That wakens sleeping sparrows
Only lingering moments
Beyond the glimpse of dawn…

My face lifted upward
Toward the tiny shards of light
Peeking through the multitudes of leaves
Clinging so gracefully to the branches
From where they first awakened…

And I asked with my always inquisitive,
Often doubtful mind….
If anyone…
Any living creature…
Could trust the wisdom of a tree…
And expect that indeed …
Everything would be alright
Worries would vanish beneath the bark
And I could once again stand
Beneath the eloquence of the trees,
Absorbing their wisdom
While a new dawn brings forth tomorrow…..

The trees spoke only silence…..

As my mind once again filled with fear
That no answer would prevail itself unto me
A sudden, quite un-gentle breeze
Rushed through the limbs
While the lowest of branches…
The least of them all…
Slammed against my shoulder
Knocking me onto the ground beneath it.

As my mind quickly turned against my hope
Against the wisdom of the trees
Believing this to be only
Reflections of the answers
I have become accustomed to receiving…

When in the rustling of the leaves
I heard a soft whisper…
Barely audible to humanness…
Speaking to me from beyond
My understandings…

“Speak to me only from your heart…
And your heart shall be enlightened with wisdom!”

I pondered the moment…..

Thinking that I must have struck my head
Against the ground
To think any such words
Had actually been uttered from a tree…..

Had my mind drifted beyond the veils of sanity?
Was I truly becoming what so many before
Had inferred with possibilities
That I might just in some way, somehow,
No longer be in possession of
An un-disturbed mind

As I lie on the ground beneath the Oak
At that very moment of remembrance…
A moment of profound doubt…
Doubting myself
Doubting my sanity
Doubting the tree
Doubting wisdom itself within its own countenance…

I felt the cool, moist softness of clover against my skin…
The gentle breeze brushing softly across my face…
The sweet scent of lavender filling my senses….

I was no longer alone in that moment…

I was no longer alone in any moment…

They were all there together…
With me amongst them…

The rustling of the leaves…
The branches bending gently with the breeze…
The songs of sparrows echoing in the wind…

In the wisdom of the trees

Copyright © Steven Michael Sanders

Speak from your heart…

Write from your heart…

Have a beautifully enlightened evening…..


9 thoughts on “In the Wisdom of the Trees

    • Good morning Tina… Nice to wake up this morning with a comment from you to start my day. Thank you so much. Yes… we must trust the trees… there is great wisdom among them. Are you as strange as I am and actually talk to them??? I’ve talked to stranger things than trees, but that’s a whole different story. Have a great day Tina and thanks again for your delightful comments.


      • Yes, I talk to trees. They are alive, they live, they breathe they eat. They reach out for warmth, overcome adversity, move away from pain, heal from scars and in my early childhood they kept me alive. I never feel more at home or at peace than when I’m in the arms of nature.


    • Beautifully said Tina. Sounds like poetry of nature that we should be seeing soon on your site. “…In the arms of nature.” Beautiful words. I spent a great deal of my childhood in the tops of trees. Probably something to do with my ancestry….??? Thank you for your wonderful insights.


      • Tree tops are safe. The monsters are ground dwellers. We would climb to the very tops of the trees and jump from one to the other in order to avoid being on the ground. I’ve written a few “faction” blogs about it. Some are likely around here somewhere or other.


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