The Poem “About the Author”

The Cardboard Box

Leaving the earth in a cardboard box…

My post tonight is in the form of a request.  I’ve updated the author page and changed the title to

The Poem “About the Author”

Just click on the link above and it will take you there.  Or you might try crawling into a cardboard box and travelling through space.  That will take you there also.

Hope you’ll check it out.

Have a great evening…


2 thoughts on “The Poem “About the Author”

    • I of course, being the strange person that you’ve come to know, also prefers the traveling through space idea. I’ve always found that when I am the most tired, just before dozing off to sleep, is one the most perfect times to travel through space. Maybe our paths will cross amongst the stars. Thank you so much for your wonderful comments Tina. I enjoy them so very much. Have a beautiful day.


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