The Quiet One

Sandy Hook

photo credit: Puzzler4879 via photopin cc

I don’t really know what to say prior to posting the following poem.  This subject is something that I, along with the rest of the country have found no answers to either explain nor to cure.  I use the word ‘cure’ because this is definitely some kind of illness that has taken over the youth of our country.  It happened again today… near Seattle.  What do we do to fix it?  What do we do to take away the fear and anxiety involved with the simplistic action of sending our children off to school every morning?  It’s got to stop.  It won’t fix itself.  We have to be the ones to find a solution.  Is it the hundreds of violent video games that allow the children to sit in their rooms half the night killing people?  Yes!  Is it the violence on television and in the movies?  Yes!  Is it that parents don’t spend enough time interacting with their children?  Yes!  Is it the breakdown of the family unit?  Yes!  Is it at least a thousand other factors that are adding to this horrible, irresponsible, lack of love and respect for every other human being?  Yes!…..

We’ve got to find a way to stop their aloneness, their sadness, the hurting inside of our children.

How long will the human race allow this plague to continue to kill our children?  How long?

The Quiet One
A child of reflection
He did what he pleased
Although he often
Seemed very displeased
Quietly he pondered
On killing and hate
To peers and to parents
He couldn’t relate
He knew that his knowledge
Was far above norm
Knowing his madness
Would soon stir the storm
He purchased the weapon
With funds that he stole
Removing the essence
From Mom’s heart and soul
He loaded the clip
His backpack was ready
His mind was intense
His hands not so steady
He arrived at the school
In camouflaged pain
About to ensure
That the boy was insane
The killing began
At eight twenty seven
In forty five seconds
He’d wounded eleven
A teacher jumped in
A girl of small build
To stop him from adding
To the one’s he had killed
He shook her away
Placed the gun at her head
His blank vacant stare
Assured she’d be dead
A nine year old child
Small but with flare
Hit him in the head
With a small wooden chair
He then kicked the gun
Across the slick floor
The little one and teacher
Ran for the door
The shooter revived
And ran for his gun
He hadn’t quite finished
What he had begun
The police had arrived
And crept down the hall
The students had scattered
But some had to crawl
The hunter stepped through
The classroom door
Stooped down to touch
The blood on the floor
He looked at his fingers
The tips soaked in blood
He rubbed on his pants
To mix with the mud
The marksman bore down
The crosshairs aligned
A tear blurred his vision
A child in the line
The hunter stood proud
Facing the crowd
Placing the barrel
Firm on his brow
A teacher spoke softly
To put the gun down
But Tommy heard nothing
And fired his last round
Silence then echoed
Through hallways and minds
Bodies fell lifeless
With blood on the blinds
Most of them wept
For the horrible cost
Heartbroken children
With Innocence lost
They all stood in awe
In their small sleepy town
The lives that were lost
Just wore them all down
They made a new law
Just lock up the guns
But it won’t stop the madness
From daughters and sons
I’m not sure there’s an answer
For the home of the brave
It seems we keep digging
Our very own grave
© 2014
Have a safe weekend… and hug your children…

I mean, really hug your children….. for a long time!


7 thoughts on “The Quiet One

    • Hi Tina… It all seems to boil down to the little subtle things we do in life or perhaps the ones we don’t do. Little changes in our actions, our emotions, our caring about one another, that many would consider as insignificant, can actually change the world. Speaking of weird… okay, perhaps we weren’t speaking of weird, perhaps we’ll just call it small incidents that could be considered profoundly significant, but I just observed a very strange occurrence. You were here commenting on mine, at the same moment that I was there commenting on yours…..????? I believe I have experienced a new and pleasing first…..
      My day continues to blossom…


      • It is fun that we were both reading each others blogs at the same time, isn’t it?
        You’re right, it’s the little things that can make life or death differences to people. I wouldn’t be who I am today without the little lights brought into my life by people who simply took a moment to care.

        Liked by 1 person

      • In that case, I’m very grateful for those ‘little lights’ also, because they have made it possible for me to share a small part of your life through your writing and with conversations such as the one we have been able to share this morning. Thank you ‘little lights’!!!

        Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you for your appreciation. I am saddened that it hits close to home for you and please accept my apologies if it stirred memories that are difficult to deal with. It becomes more obvious every day that this is something that affects all of us and we must all work together to find solutions before more innocence is lost. Thank you so much for taking the time to comment on this and I’m honored that you chose to spend some of your time with me.
      Hope you have an enlightened evening.


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