Stumping My Poetic Foot


photo credit: Sam_Catch via photopin cc

Stumping My Poetic Foot

I’ve often wondered about poetry
But never had time to study
I’ve read about the different styles
To me it just seems muddy
Perhaps my poems don’t meet their structure
In syllables, lines and form
I might not write iambic lyrics
Or maybe I’m misinformed
Am I a Sonnet, an Elegy or Ode?
Did I stump my poetic foot?
Perhaps I’ll tell you in blank verse
That this damned poem’s caput
What in the world is Haiku?
Is it five then seven then five?
What the hell’s wrong with eight and six?
Does that mean the poem won’t thrive?
Basically I don’t give a damn
Of poetry by the chart
All you need do is listen to rhymes
To know if they’re from the heart
I certainly still admire you
And your poetry by the rules
I think that it’s magnificent
To use the proper tools
It’s just not me to follow suit
Or write a Shakespearian Sonnet
If I managed to figure out how to do it
I’d just spill something on it

Have a great Saturday night and an enlightening Sunday



9 thoughts on “Stumping My Poetic Foot

  1. I don’t write poetry at all, although some say I do ;P I just let my fingers connect with words and the rest takes care of itself.


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