“The Cowboy and the Crow”

photo credit: MohdShareef via <a

photo credit: MohdShareef via <a

After not posting last evening… leaving what seemed to be some sort of emptiness within me, I am eager to offer for tonight’s post… another Poetic Story that I seem to so enjoy writing.  Hope you enjoy it also…

“The Cowboy and the Crow”

Riding on the plains I paused to rest
Drifting through the hills of South Dakota
Stepping down to camp for the night
On the grounds of Black Hills Lakota
I was proud to call many of them friend
Lighting the campfire in the cold
A pesky old crow came down in a rage
As if something was out of control
He paced on the ground just three feet before me
Squawking his story in a rage
Acting as if he thought I should follow
A path that he made in the sage
Persistence paid off, as I tired of his antics
And followed his squawks through the burr
As I crawled through the brush where he took me
I thought that he said to “Help her.”
An alarming sound when a crow sounds a warning
Alerting the bulk of my senses
A cougar stood firm, the crow didn’t squirm
I knew that I had no defenses
Then I observed the point of his rage
With the cougar about to spring
Lying in the brush unable to fly
A crow with a small broken wing
I scooped my hands around her
The cougar remaining at bay
I told the crow that I could not help
To rescue his love from the prey
He squawked in a rage at my comment
Flapping his wings in my face
But her injury was far beyond me
Something I couldn’t embrace
The crow then flew to the north
And turned to get me to follow
I carried his lover in the palms of my hands
To a house that he found in the hollow
Approaching the gate to the house
I wondered who might inside dwell
I thought that the crow said “Angel”
When I encountered a beautiful smell
I reached for the gate made of hickory
A name on the archway above
The name that appeared was just “Angel”
I was already feeling the love
A young woman stepped onto the porch
Reaching her hands for the bird
She spoke with the crow for a moment
It seemed that they both had conferred
She fixed the wing of the lovely crow miss
The mister crow now appeased
She asked me if I could stay awhile
I must say that I was pleased
The injured crow had healed to norm
Our lives became entangled
We all became the best of friends
And now live with an “Angel”

Copyright © 2014 All Rights Reserved

Listen to the crows… They may have something significant to tell you!



5 thoughts on ““The Cowboy and the Crow”

  1. I’m delighted to read, I missed your words yesterday and came hunting for you today. Ha ha, suppose I’ve grown accustomed to your special way with words.


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