The Poet’s Perfume

photo credit: greenhem via photopin cc

photo credit: greenhem via photopin cc

The Poet’s Perfume

It’s a cool October morn in the southern plains
As lonesome sounds echo from a distant train
The warmth in the air will soon be lost
As the tear drops of dew evolve into frost
Leaves with hues of yellows and reds
Leaving the poet with rhymes unsaid
Covering gardens where life still thrives
Harboring hope till spring arrives
Does the tree feel sadness when all is lost?
Can it recognize pain when lines are crossed?
Its nakedness proudly exposing its soul
Yet the poet still feels a need to console
I asked the tree with branches bare
If it could feel life’s sad despair
It spoke of truths and deepened roots
How barren limbs will soon bear fruit
Life it seems must have a cost
Never sure of love that’s lost
But come the spring with nature’s bloom
The poet inhales its sweet perfume


A gentle mist
Your favorite perfume
Tenderly kissed
In the poet’s room…

Copyright © 2014 All Rights Reserved



11 thoughts on “The Poet’s Perfume

    • Hi Mim… Thanks for visiting and especially for your comments. I suppose all the seasonal changes have good qualities about them, but I’m not a fan of winter. However, the changing seasons certainly seem to inspire my poetry in one form or another. They all seem to produce their own wonderful aromas. Have a beautiful evening and thanks again for taking the time to comment. Interaction between us is the best part of this.

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  1. Beautifully written… After returning from an early morning walk in the woods today, Your poetry fits perfectly the scenes I admired..
    Enjoy your Sunday.. May it be filled with colour and Peace.. as you drink in its perfume that inspires ..

    Blessings Sue


  2. You take your reader on a journey right along with you..your poetic skill alone is awesome, yet also you seem to personally share your heart along with your mind and personal feelings all with elegance and coupled with the right amount of edge to add boldness and clarity.. Wonderful job .. Caro


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