Lost Amongst the Primrose

photo credit: Fotos by Dee via photopin cc

photo credit: Fotos by Dee via photopin cc

I apologize for not posting anything last evening.  My physical well being and my ‘sometimes’ poetic mind were most definitely out of synchronization.  Hope you enjoy tonight’s post…

“Lost Amongst the Primrose”
I was beckoned to the garden
Into shadows of the moonlight
By someone draped in amber shades of lust
I wandered in the moonlit night
Amongst the flowers, black and white
Till dawn replaced the shadows with mistrust
Twas there I found that innocence
Drifting softly in the shadows
Lingers only briefly in the dawn
Thence, only in reflections
Can it echo through the canyons
And allow the faded sketches be redrawn
I gazed into the dew drops
Where mirrors of the rainbow
Were changing hues of colors lost in time
What was lost amongst the primrose
Secrets meant forever
Always seem to surface in the rhyme

Copyright © 2014 Steven Michael Sanders

There is much more to this poem than words of poetry.
If you have an analytical mind, you might find it interesting to spend some time with the meaning behind each verse.  One point of interest might be that the latin meaning of primrose is “First rose”… which could be interpreted as ‘innocence’… There’s many more little points to be made within the text… Have fun with it… Use your imagination.  I’d love to hear your comments.
Or… you can just click the ‘like’ button and have a wonderful evening…

Either way, thanks for visiting, and taking the time to read my poetry.  You are very much appreciated…

Be careful if you’re beckoned to the garden in the moonlight…
You never know what might happen amongst the primrose!



7 thoughts on “Lost Amongst the Primrose

  1. So glad we have connected. One area that I really need to grow in is in using my imagination and I think your beautiful poetry can help me in this area. imagination was a luxury I could not afford. I was in survival mode until my 40’s. I look forward to reflecting more on you poems. I also am going to share you site with a friend who is interested in working on her poetry.


    • Hi Janet… Thank you so much for your kindness. I am honored and humbled and I certainly appreciate you sharing my site. I hope they enjoy it as much as you. It’s truly sad when someone realizes that an imagination is a luxury and cannot be affording in certain circumstances. How horribly sad. My survival mode WAS my imagination. It carried me through it all… I seldom existed in the same location as my physical self… of course sometimes it would take me places that have yet to find their way upon these pages… but I’m sure that they will… Thank you so much for taking the time to comment and I too, am very thankful that we have connected.
      Have a beautiful day…


    • Ahh… those wild interpretations are what makes it so much fun, both writing and reading. I’m honored by your kind words and if those wild interpretations get too wild, you might have to share them with us….
      Have a great day and keep those inspiring photos coming…

      Liked by 1 person

    • Hmmm…. Mischievous adrenaline??? I think that sounds like a fun experience. I’d like to try that feeling myself, but then I’d probably have more secrets surface in the rhyme.
      Have a beautiful day…


  2. Michael I find an enigma here but I will give my humble opinion..I feel the poet is a bit on a rollercoaster and does not quite see innocence that has seemingly changed as much as he desires or this innocent is ambiguous.. Perhaps the innocence was the very attraction but it shrouds itself perhaps for superficial reasons and causes disillusionment I hope I am not dead wrong.. Thought provoking.. Caro


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