The Flamingo

photo credit: FRAMES OF MIND ~ Chris Preen via <a

photo credit: FRAMES OF MIND ~ Chris Preen via <a

The following short poem was inspired by the pictures of fellow wordpress blogger “Bulldog”…

You can find his pics at

The Flamingo

It was such a sight of gentleness

Wading gently in the shallows

A faint touch of their blackened tips

To the surface of the seas


Standing motionless

As if innocently peering

Into their own reflections

Rippled only slightly in the breeze

© 2014 All Rights Reserved

Wade gently…



5 thoughts on “The Flamingo

    • Thank you so much Anna. I’ve just come from your site and have found numerous inspirational photos there. I hope you won’t mind if I gaze into them on a regular basis to inspire my writing. They are truly amazing. I very much appreciate your comments. The interaction is the most interesting part of this. Thanks!


  1. I must thank you for this … the words go so well with the photo… I meant to say on my about page, if you wish to use one of my photos you are welcome, just name where you got it from… I’d be honoured to have a poem with my photo attached…


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