Sadly… the Rain

photo credit: martinak15 via photopin cc

photo credit: martinak15 via photopin cc

Sadly… the Rain

The darkness has crept in early tonight
Thick clouds forcing themselves upon me
Their wetness about to flow onto my skin
Drenching me in that which I so despise
This will be the last time that it will happen
I will not and cannot tolerate your insistence
Of penetrating my soul with your repulsive proclivity
That you so proudly strut into hell night after night
I know that I will face consequences beyond my belief
But they will be far more acceptable than what
You have caused me to endure, over and over again
Until the hate for you within me has come to boil
I cannot stop you in this moment…
Your strength so overpowers me
That I have little recourse to prevent
Your self-exalted existence from consuming my fragility
Your darkness will never again touch my skin
Not mine… or that of any other unsuspecting innocent…
Tonight I will leave you melded into your ignorant self indulgence
Knowing that you will be the only one
That you ever had the capacity to love
I will plead insanity if I must…
For you were the one that led me there…
I will plead self defense if I must…
For you are the one who has beaten me into
The submission of my own soul
I will not spend another moment inside your hell…
You will no longer possess my soul for your own self-gratification
This time… the blood that is splattered on the bedroom wall
Will not be that of my own…
Sadly… you could have been my hero
Sadly… I once thought you were my knight in shining armor
Sadly… you could have been the love of my life
Sadly… you could have been loved by the person
I used to be… before you…
Sadly… I will enjoy the rain falling onto my skin
Washing away all that you have stood for…
Sadly… no one will notice your disappearance…


Copyright © 2014 Steven Michael Sanders

Sadly… I must disappear until tomorrow…
I will plead insanity if I must…



16 thoughts on “Sadly… the Rain

    • I was hesitant to use that word because I despise it so, but I guess, sometimes it’s just appropriate. We certainly don’t want to hold it inside of us or it will just harm us… So we’ll just spill it onto the page, releasing it from captivity. I am saddened that you have had to experience it. I hope it has been replaced with insight and enlightenment…

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      • I had never known hate. Not as a child, not as a teenager – never.. it just wasn’t part of me. I found that emotion a few years back when I finally found the answers to my childhood and suddenly a lifetime of struggle and confusion made sense. Due to this things got exposed in our family, but instead of being brave, honest and accountable so that the past could get healed, they scapegoated me in order to protect themselves. It was such incredibly weak behavior, it shocked me. I would/could never behave like that. Feeling, working through and releasing that emotion is part of healing process. It was slowing poisoning my spirit and being an angry, bitter woman was not who I wanted to become. I forgave everyone involved, I accepted them and their weaknesses. I have only compassion and love for them now. They didn’t choose to heal which makes me sad, but is not something that I can control – so many lessons..


    • I will never tire of your comments Audrey Dawn and the hugs help ‘un-harbor’ those emotions that we wish were not there and replaces them with pleasantness… All hugs are very much appreciated. Thank you…


    • Thank you so much Andrea, It certainly brightens my day when someone lets you know that they enjoyed it. It is amazing how much sadness is within all of us and how most of us can feel the pain that others have had to endure, just by absorbing their writings. For me, the sad ones flow out of my heart far too easy but the ones of happiness are much more fun to write. Thanks for taking the time to comment… My favorite part of wordpress…

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    • It is wonderful that there are people in this world that can tell when someone needs a hug, just by reading something that they wrote. Thank you Tina… I’ve been enjoying your pics… What a magnificent experience. Since I can’t travel, It’s truly great to be able to experience far away places through the eyes of others so willing to share. Thanks…


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