Eyes in the Darkness

I have nothing to say…
I have tried writing but what I find
Is nothing…
Although nothing would be far better
Than what currently plagues my weary mind…
If you mysteriously think that you are
Reading words in this very moment…
Then you have been mistakenly led astray
By your very own imagination…
These are not words…
They were not spoken
As my lips have not uttered a worthwhile sound
Within this lifetime…
They were not written with a pencil
Nor with a pen…
As my pen lies dormant, clipped to my shirt pocket
Like the nerd I proclaim not to be…
And the only pencil I have has broken lead…
Words were not scratched into any surface
With my fingernails
In my attempt to claw my way out of this
They did not magically appear as automatic writing
From my psychically unconscious mind…
No ghost writer has attempted
To write my words for me…
Although my mind is most obviously haunted
By torment and anguish lingering from other lives…
Since it is apparently only
That is standing between us…
Then there must be
Nothing that is wrong…
There is nothing that is keeping us apart
No words could have possibly come between us…
Why do I search this house…
This room…
This moment in time…
And find only
Perhaps it is only my disillusionment
Of the absence of my words
That has taken you from me…
The quiet is so deafening…
The darkness penetrating so completely
Into the deepest hues of ebon
That the wisdom of the owl
Could not lead him through these depths
Of nothingness,
Of darkness…
Will I perish in this moment?
Will the nothingness just absorb my being?
Will there be no words on this page
To explain my disappearance from this world?
My eyes are so heavy
I can no longer fight the sleep…
My head nodding repeatedly as I fight
The approach of my own reality…
I must sleep now
To awaken within my new existence
A new reality…
Where darkness does not exist…
Where nothingness cannot prevail…
Goodnight my love…
Wow!  What a dream I just had
Crawling through the caverns of the mind
I dreamed I lost my way within the darkness
I could not speak, my eyes were going blind
I awoke and found you lying by my side
Sleeping peacefully upon your feathered bed
It was only dreams that left me feeling empty
Words of my illusion left unsaid
I touched you to awaken you from sleep
My breathlessness had left me somewhat huffing
You spoke to me and asked me what was wrong
I smiled and spoke the truth when I said…  Nothing…

© 2014

I know that I usually have some comment placed in this area
Concerning the poem from above… but since there are really
No words there…
I’ll just say nothing…



23 thoughts on ““Nothing”

    • That’s really sweet. It’s nice to be missed and nice to be back posting nothing.
      I truly appreciate you taking the time to comment. It’s the most fun part.
      Have an enlightening evening. You might even try a bottle of poetry…..


    • Thank you so much… I have now checked out your blog and believe that your post was even more emotionally moving. Great expression of your feelings. Thanks for dropping by… don’t be a stranger.


  1. I read your poetry once and then I come back later and re-read it – It lingers in my subconscious and stirs it about. I am beginning to understand what it must be like to have the mind, heart and soul of a poet. Extraordinary.


    • I’m certainly pleased that you enjoy these enough to re-read them. Some of them linger in my subconscious far too long… but usually when that happens, it stirs the inspiration toward a new direction. When you do understand what it is like, I hope you will share it with me… I often have no understanding whatsoever until it finds its way onto the page. My mind is often heavily clouded by life’s sorrows, sadness, and pleasures… yet, as of this moment… it has not taken away the clarity of my heart and soul. Have a great day SilverGirl and thank you…

      Liked by 1 person

      • Your poetry and comments are speaking to me… and right now for me it’s a love / hate thing … if that makes sense :o) because it’s challenging me… but also fascinating.to me. I am the same as you I have no understanding of what I am writing or why at the time. I just write. Sometimes at the end I am mystified as to why on earth I choose that topic, and sometimes at the end I may get why and still run with it. I guess it’s not a logical process.


      • Hmm… logic… Writers should stay away from logic except when they are not writing… I enjoy being mystified, by my own writing or by others. Being mystified creates wonder, creates the desire to seek understanding, creates insightful thinking, which, as we both know, leads us back to writing… and of course, to great correspondence between us…

        Liked by 2 people

      • I does make me feel like that… but add slightly uncomfortable to the mix :o)
        Often I ‘know’ too much and that is the real difficulty. It’s not an easy thing seeing future possibilities and to remember the past and I mean way past. They are the issues I have trouble deal with – it takes the mystery away. It’s a gift apparently – I have tried to switch it off…not sure if I make a word of sense to you :o)


  2. Having just read nothing I will answer with nothing… the torment of a dream, so cleverly disguised within no words of nothing have left me feeling I’ve just read no brilliance… yet I know that the words disguised as nothing, have a flow of something magnificent…


    • Now that’s a great thing to say. Wouldn’t it be great for our minds if we could just truly, at least on occasion… experience the loveliness of nothingness… Good to hear from you Tina. Your wonderful pictures of Paris are planted in my brain. I guess I’ll have to take my mind into nothingness and travel there… no plane required, but they probably wouldn’t find me in the corner near the ceiling…


  3. I must say something! Smiles.. This is a freakin’ amazing piece of writing! You really dig in for the long haul when you pen.. I can feel with my own poetic antennae, your heart churning here.. It even inspired me to just say “churning heart!”
    You are a true talent and I am pleased I found your blog! Caro


    • Thank you Caro… I am very humbled by your words. For only the second time in my recent memory have I found myself at a loss for words. I thank you most sincerely for your kindness… Perhaps you have even stirred a “churning heart!” You may have just provided the inspiration for a new poem. Perhaps we should both use that beautiful phrase in something freshly written. Have a beautiful day Caro… Thanks for making my day brighter!

      Liked by 1 person

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