“The Finger”

monkey finger

photo credit: ucumari photography via photopin cc

Let me preface this poem by saying that if
Your sense of humor is lacking today
You might want to skip this post and
Read one of my more dark and gloomy ones,
But if you could use a laugh… read on!

The Finger

I’m so enthralled with my finger
It can do so many things
It scratches and points and even bends
It can even wear beautiful rings
It can feel all kinds of textures
It can feel the hot and the cold
It can enter into some places it shouldn’t
Or at least that’s what I’m told
I’ve often heard it can pick your nose
It can even do paper cuts
Once I heard from someone else
It can even pick your butt
I stuck it in my ear one time
To dig out all the wax
But I found it was a lot more fun
To run down into cracks
I pointed it once at someone big
He scolded me with sass
He told me if I did it again
That he’d stick it up my ass
The index finger, a useful tool
While others may just linger
You can use the middle to make a bird
But you might just lose your finger
Little Jack Horner stuck in his thumb
I tried that once or twice
But little Jack Horner pulled out a plum
What I pulled wasn’t that nice
The little Dutch boy saved his land
Cause he stuck his in the dike
I don’t think I will stick mine there
I don’t think that’s too bright
It can point at you when you’d rather not
And when you put it to your lips
It can quiet a room that’s full of kids
Or make you come to grips
All it takes is just the finger
To take away our fears
It can gently touch the one you love
And wipe away the tears
You can use it any way you want
On a touch screen full of icons
Or use it for a sensual touch
To slide it up her nylons
I guess my finger better stop
Before it goes too far
But I could tell you things it’s done
That you’d find quite bazaar

Copyright © 2014 All Rights Reserved

I apologize for giving everyone

“The Finger” tonight…

Where has yours been???
You can tell us in the comments section.

Maybe I should write one about my big toe?



9 thoughts on ““The Finger”

  1. The fingers are intriguing are they not? I have one or two about fingers myself and I may just go drag one or two out from the archive cobwebs… this is nice…cheeky work loved it..caro


    • Good morning Caro – There’s nothing like nice comments awaiting you with your morning coffee and first glance at wordpress. I do hope you drag them out and share them with us. I had a great deal of fun writing this one as you can probably tell. I’ll be looking forward to yours. What in the world would we do without our fingers?
      Have a beautiful Saturday Caro… and thanks again for brightening my morning.

      Liked by 1 person

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