“The Ace of Spades”

photo credit: robjstanley via photopin cc

photo credit: robjstanley via photopin cc

The Ace of Spades

I really have nothing to say…
Did you expect me to fall and crumble?
Maybe you thought I’d just bow to the queen
Maybe you thought I would stumble
I once was blinded by your light
But I found some tinted shades
Now that you’ve played your final card
You’re left with the ace of spades
Go ahead and play your cards
I know that it’s not a full house
I know that you cannot stand the heat
I’ve seen you run from a mouse
You know that reality is here
You’ve played your final hand
But we both know that truths out loud
Are more than you can stand
If you’d like to just leave quietly
Then we’ll call this hand a draw
But if you stay to spew your lies
You’ll draw the shortest straw
You chose your fate all by yourself
You lied, you cheated, you failed
But we’ve had time to breathe fresh air
And to see your deceit unveiled
I see you’ve chosen wisely
To leave before the bleeding
At least you’ve spared yourself the pain
The feel of piranha feeding

© 2014  All Rights Reserved

I see you’ve chosen wisely…



9 thoughts on ““The Ace of Spades”

    • After visiting your site… okay, to confess… I was there for quite awhile… you might find another of my poems enlightening. Part of it is posted on my site but the entire poem is posted on a friends site because I wrote it at his request for his book. Here’s a link to his post of the full poem on his site if you’d like to read it….
      Thank you for visiting my site and your very kind words. I’m honored that you liked it.


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