The Notebook

photo credit: pigpogm via photopin cc

photo credit: pigpogm via photopin cc

The Notebook
She finished writing in her little notebook
The black one…
Where she hides the secrets…
She opens the drawer in the nightstand
The white one…
And carefully slides it under all the pill bottles
No one will look for it in her medicine cabinet
The full one…
As she removes the eleven pills she takes at bedtime
Getting the other nine ready to take when she awakes
If she awakes…
It’s never something that she takes for granted…
She puts on her ear buds to listen to her peaceful sounds
The music stirs her brains into turmoil
Yet more peaceful than her existence without it…
Sleeping naked
Longing for no one to join her in her nakedness
Lusting for no one… for nothing… except her fix
And the notebook
As the CD comes to an end it startles her awake
She leaps from the bed like she’d seen the ghost of herself
In the silence
Pulling open the drawer in a frenzy
Pushing the pill bottles aside like she was chasing a varmint
To find the notebook…
She grabs hold of her book of secrets, yanking it from the drawer
Frantically searching for that oh, so important ink pen
The blue one
The only one she dares to write her secrets with
The only one that she trusts to hold the silence of her truths
Of the darkness
She picks up the three pill bottles lying on the floor
Quickly stashing them back into the drawer before they’re seen
By no one
She leans against her pillows, knees pulled up close
Using her legs as support for the notebook
The black one…
She tries to gather her thoughts of what was so important
To write down at this ungodly hour of the morning
Of three a.m.
The cold winter night sent a chill through her naked body
The fireplace holding onto only faded embers of Oak
And of memories…
The same memories that she so carefully saves within
The notebook
The black one
Where she hides the secrets…
She searched across the room with her saddened eyes
The blue ones
The ones that match the blueness of her pen so perfectly
Attempting to find the words that had escaped her mind
But finding naught…
She thinks she sees a shadow at her window
In her fear she shrinks beneath the covers
The striped ones
She pulls them up completely over head
And starts to write her thoughts upon the page…
Beneath the sheets
The pink ones…
The way the ink flows on the paper
Calms her nerves with its smoothness and the feel in her hand
The left one
She scribbles pictures on the page
And words of the magic falcon that dwells within her room
The one of Russian green
She tells the story of an invading force
That can only be seen through her special glasses
The rose colored ones
The force arriving only at night, in her dreams of other worlds
While only the falcon can protect her soul from the creatures
The ones in her head…
She writes another twenty pages of secrets
Secrets that the creatures whisper to her in her dreams
The purple ones
This time she received the final message they infused into her mind
She very carefully placed her notebook of secrets upon her pillow
The cerise one
She crawled back beneath the covers
Cowering from her own internal fears
The dark ones…
There was a knock on the door
She knew it was them… the creatures from her dreams
The door opened
The falcon flew into the sky through the open door
Past those who had come to save her from her dreams…
They entered cautiously, professing that they had
Always cared…
But once inside…
They found no one…
There was nothing inside her tiny house…


Lying perfectly placed,
In the middle of her pillow
The cerise one,
Was the notebook…
The black one…
Where she hides the secrets…

Copyright © 2014 All Rights Reserved

Sweet Dreams…



21 thoughts on “The Notebook

    • Hi Danica, good to hear from you today. I was doing a little of that “cowering from internal fears” before I pushed the publish button on this one. It’s a little unusual… but, then, so am I. Thanks for your comment… I’m so glad you enjoyed my unusual-ness…
      Have a great Sunday evening…

      Liked by 1 person

  1. quite nice, michael. i was taken in by your choice to use color as an ongoing theme. for me, the colors kept reminding me about things you’d mentioned earlier in the poem. ever read a piece, only to get so far along and have to go back and reference what you’d already read because the piece went somewhere else? (did that make sense?) well, i didn’t have to do that with this poem–which was a good thing, in my opinion. nice work!


    • Good afternoon Nissi. Great to hear from you today. Thanks for your kind words. As I was writing this one, colors just kept jumping onto the page, so I just let them… Some of my poetry seems to be getting a little more strange… perhaps only a reflection of my personality. Thank you so much for taking the time to visit and to comment. Hope to hear from you often. Have and enlightening evening….


  2. You asked me not to leave you so I’ve returned, sorry it took so long, I had to put some things in order. I’ll have an avatar sooner or later but not today. The story is lovely, as always your words bring a smile.


  3. I’m getting quite used to your work… you are not afraid to push the envelope, to do things I’ve seen no other do… yet I love it… it says so much and the continual use of colour through out the work is brilliant… yet almost sad in reflection, humorous in nature, but flowing brilliantly… I stand in awe of your work…

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thanks bulldog… That’s certainly wonderful to hear early on a Monday morning. The colours just kept jumping into it on their own for some reason. I guess you could say that I don’t push the envelope… the envelope pushes me. As for the “awe”… I guess that makes us even, because I’m certainly in awe of your photography. The clarity of your pics is amazing… The birds are so close that I feel like I’m right there with them… close enough to touch. I’m certainly glad that you share them with us. They always brighten my day.


  4. One word for this… “brilliant”. You had me captivated the entire way through, and I loved you repetition of the different colors. It was very poignant.


  5. Thank you AC… Those colors just kept throwing themselves onto the page… I couldn’t stop them. Thank you so much for your kindness… I always say that I leave ‘brilliant’ to those with undisturbed minds… Have a great day and thanks for taking the time to comment…


  6. I’m glad I came across your blog today. This poem was awesome and had me thrilled. I loved it. This poem would be perfect to do spoken word with. Very interesting. I just followed you too. 🙂


    • Good morning taris19 – I’m certainly glad you came across my blog also and thank you for your kind words. I’ve just come from visiting your site and found it to be quite inspiring, both spiritually and poetically, while often combining the two. I don’t know how much exploring you were able to do while visiting here, but if you didn’t read “The Unexpected Answer” – you might find it enlightening. Here is a direct link when you have the time…

      Thank you so much for visiting and following and I do so appreciate the comments because I love the interaction between us. Have a beautiful Sunday taris19…

      Liked by 1 person

      • Your welcome I will take a look at it right now. That’s a nice title for a poem. Has me wondering what’s it about. I’m glad my blog can inspire you, that’s what I’m here for. I will be stopping by your blog more often. You have a beautiful Sunday as well. 🙂

        Liked by 1 person

  7. There is definitely something quite unique about this.. Apart from the colors.., it feels deeper .. Far deeper somehow.. Your writing truly exudes a magickal essence.. Caro


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