Tempting the Creatures

Eyes in darkness

Tempting the Creatures…

In this predawn hour, I sit before myself
Prowling the jungle within my mind
Tempting all the creatures who roam there
To the very edge of the forest…
This most beautiful moment, before dawn
When the creatures of night still roam…
While those who wander in the light
Are just awakening
They often pass within my mind
While none are in the mood to conquer the other
During this most calming moment in time
Providing hope of resolutions
Those who roam in the daylight
So unlike those who prowl the night,
Yet they are the same unto the other
Wandering through my mind…
In silence
Have you ever felt that you knew someone well?
Ask them about their creatures…
Most could not even explain their own wanderers,
While very aware of their existence
But unable or unwilling to share them with others
We know their personalities, maybe even their heart
But we never know the creatures that linger…
The ones gnawing at their heart
The ones tearing pieces from their soul
Can you get inside their head?
I have discovered the capability…
If you lingered in this moment
Perhaps you’d find me inside yours…
But I still would not know you…
Those long darkened tunnels within our minds
Not privy to those who step inside
Circumventing the creatures from those
Who search to know us…
Do we even know ourselves?
Can we look ourselves in the eye
And truly say that we are familiar
With all the creatures that linger in the jungle?
Those creatures are what stimulate us…
They inspire thoughts within us
That would never have been brought forth
If it were not for their prowling
They inspire imagination
They write our novels
They present to us the
Depths of our reasoning…
They write for us our poetry
In rhymes…
And in life…
We all exist within lingering moments
At the very edge of the forest
Never certain of what may prowl
Within our mysteries…
I sit before myself…
Tempting all the creatures
That may roam there…
In the light of the day…
In the dark of the night…
I do not fear my creatures
For I have befriended them…
But of course…
Within the light of truths beknown…
We can never tame wild creatures

Copyright © All Rights Reserved

Can you sit before yourself
And tempt all your creatures???



19 thoughts on “Tempting the Creatures

  1. I see you are following my blog and welcome. You have a gift of words, yet mine is numbers. My question is to find out why the “33” to the Name….You have how relevant it is in the ministry. Can you tell me why “33”….Because:

    “MICHAEL” = 4938153 = “33”



    • Good morning John… I think that maybe having me explain the significance of 33 in association with my name would be like me asking you to explain in a few sentences the significance of numbers. There are so many reasons why 33… It seems that at first, I did not choose the number but it seems that it attached itself to me. That came about many years ago. Since that time, having educated myself only slightly in numerology I have discovered many significant factors. One of which you indicated in your comment of Michael being a 33. There are many many associations of the number within many different religions and it seems to have significance to all of them. I do have a fascination for numbers as obviously you do also. While your fascination is concentrated mainly in the religious aspect… mine is of a more general nature. The number 33 as well as the time 3:33 is also significant within the spirituality community for many reasons. Perhaps its significance comes from the trinity… I’m also quite fond of the number 9, which can be interpreted as the triple trinity, yet I have no real affinity to one particular religion. I do however consider myself to be quite spiritual and continuously seek enlightenment in many ways, including through all of the great teachers who have wandered our world. I enjoy your site very much. It has enlightened me in many ways. Your fascination for numbers and the ability to present them in the manner that you do is quite insightful. I know that you read my post of “Love from the Mystical Traveler” in which the time 3:33 was used very intentionally. It stirred the readers minds into thinking about the possibility of the soul being a mystical traveler and sharing love with those in need. If I can stir the thoughts of those who read my poetry with something other than violence or evil… then I have accomplished my goal. I try to bring awareness to light concerning abuse, homelessness and other sad truths of our humanness, in hopes that it will stir someone into helping another. The number 33 enlightens me. It brought you and I together in conversation… It continues to enlighten… I look forward to visiting your site often. Keep the numbers rolling…


      • Thanks for the reply. But you suggested the aspect of being religious with numbers……being religious is very dangerous; what I am trying to convey. My quest for humanity is Spiritual. Trying to get people to care for others is indeed a noble quest; keep plugging away away Michael 33!


    • Sorry John… Didn’t mean to mislead anyone. I merely meant that a large amount of your numerology was associated with religious beliefs… not that you yourself was associated with any religion. As noted… I am not associated with a particular religion either, only that I pursue the spirituality aspect of enlightenment. Sorry for the misunderstanding.


  2. Lovely, all my critters and I made friends, even the not so friendly ones. It was a “getting to know” process but we are there and all the better for it.


    • Good morning Asariels Muse… I’m starting to feel more comfortable since your site is up and running. Surely missed you while you were gone. Those critters sometimes raise their ugly heads until you learn to accept them for what they are and to tame the ones you can. It certainly brings peace to the mind.
      Thanks for being here and for taking the time to comment. You sure do get up early in the morning. I thought my 5 o’clock was early, but I’m not always able to make enough sense at that hour to write.
      Have a beautiful day…


      • I do most of my writing early in the AM or late in the evening. I’m road tripping right now so not much writing going on. I always enjoy reading your blog though.


  3. Hi Michael33, we all have shadows but I guess most of us keep them in the dark and deny their presence. It’s lovely to read your poetry again.. As you are aware I am fascinated in archetypes – light and shadow aspects. I am now researching the poet and troubadour archetypes and metaphysical poetry .. Never took too much of an interest in poetry before, although I have related to music lyrics. I have often found myself humming some random tune from my childhood and wondering where in the heck it came from .. until I googled the lyrics. Fascinating and powerful stuff.


    • Hi SilverGirl – I agree about the fascinating aspect of archetypes. I’d like to know more about the poet and troubadour archetypes and metaphysical poetry also. I hope you’ll be making some posts in reference to your research. Thanks for dropping by and commenting. Have a great weekend…

      Liked by 1 person

  4. This is quite provocative and thought provoking for sure .. It causes me to rethink my mind and its wild imagination and ponder it more.. Your ability to weave words that intrigue and carry that beautiful mystical quality is superb.. 😄 caro


    • I just love it when this happens. You reading mine in the same moment that I was reading yours… Amazing when that happens… You certainly do not need to rethink your mind – it’s beautiful just as it is. That wild imagination is definitely worth pondering for many of us who love your writing and how it so often displays that wonderful imagination of yours. I just came from enjoying a most enlightening journey through your “Verdant Visions”… Wonderful experience… Good to hear from you as it always is…

      Liked by 1 person

      • You are welcome and thank you my friend.. I appreciate your kindness and words of inspiration .. I am humbled and wish you peace and happiness 😄 Caro


  5. This was excellent Michael, and this verse resonated
    “Do we even know ourselves?
    Can we look ourselves in the eye
    And truly say that we are familiar
    With all the creatures that linger in the jungle?”

    Here’s to the taming of the shrew 😀

    Blessings your way..
    Sue 🙂


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