“Beneath the Hickory”

photo credit: jjjj56cp via photopin cc

photo credit: jjjj56cp via photopin cc

“Beneath the Hickory”
She was wandering near the edge
Of the tree line of mostly oak and cedar
With an occasional splash of pink dogwood…
The blue columbine lining its border
She paused briefly to listen to the melody
Of a song bird that she didn’t recognize,
Beneath the old hickory tree that had stood
So proudly since long before she was
Brought into this world
She touched the palm of her hand
Against the hickory bark, gently tracing
Her fingertips along the letters carved
Into its soul…
JC + MS carved so many years ago
That the letters were now barely visible,
But Maggie didn’t really need to read them…
She knew all the meaning that was wrapped up
Inside the simple carving that John so diligently
Etched deeply into the wood…
And deeply into her heart…
She would remember as long as that tree would stand
Or as long as she remained on this earth
All the firsts that were born beneath that hickory…
The first time John held her hand…
Their first kiss that either had experienced
In their young lives…
The first love that had blossomed
For either of them…
She sat on the ground beneath the large
Outstretched limbs,
Knowing the vision,
The aromas,
The feel and the emotions
That were so immersed within that tree,
In the warmth of the afternoon sun…
In the darkness of the night…
And in the first blush of dawn…
She sat awhile, beneath that tree…
Lingering on the thoughts of her first love…
Wandering through the memories…
Sensing his tender touch against
Her silver hair…
Knowing love…
And smiling

Copyright © 2014 All Rights Reserved

Hoping this brings you memories…
That make you smile…



10 thoughts on ““Beneath the Hickory”

    • It’s wonderful when we are allowed the privilege to enjoy the reminiscing of those we care about. Beautiful moments relived and shared with those you love seem to create even more beautiful moments.
      Thank you so much Audrey – You always brighten my spirits, on my site and on yours.


    • Thank you so much. Wandering through the memories can be a most beautiful experience. Sharing memories of love always seems to spark memories within the readers… hopefully wonderful ones…
      Have a beautiful day and thank you so much for your always inspiring and enlightening comments.

      Liked by 1 person

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