The crowd began to grow
In the street and along the sidewalks
Everyone longing for peace
But knowing in their hearts
That there would soon be
Blood running like rain
Along the curb…
The decision was final…
Announced on the news…
No indictment was going to happen
No justice for the crime…
If in fact there was a crime
What options presented themselves
To those who felt wronged?
Peacefulness had accomplished nothing…
Violence was all that remained…
The police couldn’t change fate
The protesters unable to change
The outcome…
The media unwillingly encouraging
The rage of those in their sadness
A car burns in flames of revenge
The store front windows lie
Crumbled on the sidewalk
While so many take advantage
Of the situation…
What will be in the news
On the morning shows?
How many injured?
How many killed?
How many suffering for the cause
Without solutions?
Now three vehicles burning
In the streets…
Bottles being thrown at police
Tear gas and rubber bullets
In return
Stray bullets being fired from
Those unknown…
From those unable to conform
To the regulations of a
Peaceful demonstration…
Unable to abide by the law…
Unwilling to live in peace
When the world does not
Conform to their way of thinking,
While in their misguided judgement
Of right and wrong…
We can’t say that we really know
For certain which is right and
Which is wrong in this situation
Even knowing all the facts that
Have been presented to us…
What we do know is that
A young man is dead…
A police officer has lost his
Right to live his life safely
In the light of day…
Looters reign in the darkness
Of opportunity…
And the buildings burn…
The hardest part of it all
For me to understand…
Is that in the year
Two thousand fourteen…
America still wallows
Deep within the darkness
Of bigotry, prejudice,
And racism…
And because of this…
We are smothered
Within our sadness…

© 2014




9 thoughts on ““Ferguson”

  1. Of bigotry, prejudice,
    And racism…

    Do you think this will ever disappear.?? I’m not sure it will, it will be kept alive by those that gain from it and unfortunately there are …


    • So true bulldog – I would like to think that we could rid ourselves of this blight, but usually when I try to consider that as a possibility, reality bites me in the butt and another horrible situation is thrown in our faces. However – I’ll never stop attempting to bring light to the ignorance that surrounds those situations and will always hold onto hope…
      Have a great day –
      When’s that camera going to arrive?

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Yes its so sad Michael that in this day and age we have not learnt so much as we still judge condemn and hold our prejudices. We have still so very much to learn as a society of living together in Harmony.

    Heartfelt words you have penned


    • Sadly they are heartfelt words. There is so much sadness in the world, yet we still must live with the needless ignorance of prejudice. I guess that you and I will have to continue our pursuit to shine the light on this and other absurdities. I want to tell you how much I truly appreciate signing into this site and finding your comments awaiting my eyes. They always stir my insight and inspiration. Thank you.
      I know that while your light will be shining on others today, that ours will be shining on you.


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