“Echoes of Time”



Good evening… Hope everyone visiting here tonight had a wonderful thanksgiving day with lots of good conversation and lots of love.  Here’s my haiku I wrote thanksgiving night… as you know by now, you should always bring your sense of humor to my haiku postings…

I ate too much food

Now I waddle like a duck

Quacky thanksgiving

Okay… I’m done now…

Enjoy tonight’s real post…

“Echoes of Time”
The day after thanksgiving
Always feels a little strange
Like something missing upon the shelf
Or the need to rearrange
I guess it’s like an emptiness
With attempts to fill the void
Like building castles in the sand
Then watching them destroyed
I’ve often asked if there’s a cure
While searching through my years
But vanished time within my past
Can expose enduring fears
I wiped them clean, those dusty shelves
Antiquities packed away
Yet the image of truths within the wood
Fading the colors to grey
I’ve searched the vacant times of past
Why the darkness has prevailed
While echoes of time so out of rhyme
Refuse to be unveiled
I no longer see reflections
In the mirrors on the wall
Of a child in fear and hiding
In the closet down the hall
What’s lost within those childhood dreams
May always fog the night
But I’ve cleaned the cobwebs from my mind
So that I can see the light

© 2014 All Rights Reserved

Hoping your echoes of time are still in rhyme…



8 thoughts on ““Echoes of Time”

  1. Really loved the piece. There was an emptiness the day after Thanksgiving for me. I especially connected to the last stanza.
    What’s lost within those childhood dreams
    May always fog the night
    But I’ve cleared the cobwebs from my mind
    So that I can see the light.
    I am in this process. Thanks for putting it into words.


    • Good morning janetcate –
      It’s often very difficult to find the right words to express yourself while deep within the process, but those words seem to find you, once you’ve managed to accept the realities and begin to heal. It is never an easy process to get to that point. I wish you well and much love in your life.
      Thanks for your kindness and I truly wish for you a beautiful day.


    • Good evening urfavrit… Thank you for visiting and taking the time to comment. My nights are mostly clear to partly cloudy but the cobwebs have been removed. The only problem is that those pesty cobwebs now scurry across the floor of my mind disguised as dust bunnies… Hope you are having a beautiful Sunday evening and thank you so much for your comments. I look forward to reading more of your posts…


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