“In Moments of Silence”

photo credit: James Jordan via photopin cc

photo credit: James Jordan via photopin cc

“In Moments of Silence”

Writing is not necessarily an art,
Although there are many who can
Share their words so beautifully
That we consider them to be
Artistry of exquisite expressions
As I write my own words
In the quiet of the early morning
I have found that the words of others
So often fill my soul with inspiration
During moments of silence
Those very same moments of silence
Are the times when I find words
That have traveled to me from far
Beyond my own abilities of understanding…
Appearing from within the silence
In this moment of silence
The very first light of dawn
Has just crept over the eastern horizon
Making not the slightest of sound…
Yet, providing beauty far beyond
The concepts of my humanness
If I could only touch the dawn…
Would the wonder of its magnificence
Remain within my mind?
Would its splendor be even more sumptuous
As I feel its unadorned beauty
Within my soul?
Moments of silence rarely shine
Their light upon us while wakened…
Yet writers often seek them
In greater quantities than the
Gold of the rarest of coins
Painters and writers and artists
Of all kinds seek their own
Moments of silence…
Perhaps with only the sounds
That the wonder of nature can provide,
Perhaps with the music that inspires them
There are inspirations that surround us
From every direction
From every corner of the world
From the magnificence and the glory
Of nature
From orchestral music to boom box revelations
From the sights and sounds of the city
From people who surround our lives…
And yet…
I can often find the most awe inspiring words
From the song of one single sparrow…
In moments of silence…

© 2014 All Rights Reserved




14 thoughts on ““In Moments of Silence”

    • Good morning Tina – Yes silence is rare – it is also unpredictable. Sometimes we have to dig through the noise to find it and sometimes it surrounds us when we wish it didn’t. Thanks for hanging out here with me. Have a terrific Monday…


      • Geez, this tacky iPad changes the spelling from what I said, to want the iPad has in its software database for a word: I meant to say, Michael.

        Only using the tacky iPad becuase my computer blew up in a power outage, even though I had a surge protector it was plugged into.

        I hate WiFi, never use it, except for the odd time, I only use Ethernet to connect to the Internet with, way less radiation and electromagnetic pollution.

        Good grief! I am giving a serum on WiFi, and here you posted a fab poem!
        I really must be affected by WiFi! It’s making my brain all goofy!


  1. What? It says want and serum instead of: what and sermon!
    I hate gadgets and WiFi!
    Maybe I should try using Sirii on the iPad and see if Siri (which is Iris, spelled backwards…talk about big brother watching and spying! 😱 😢 🗽 📹 📷 )
    will spell what I want to say correctly.


    • Thank you so very much Heather. Those are the words that every writer longs to hear. You’ve brightened my morning and since it is a Monday morning that’s not always easy to do. Have a beautiful day and thank you for taking the time to leave such kind words…

      Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much Iris. It’s truly wonderful to think that something you have written has inspired someone and I thank you for feeling that this was inspirational. I’m glad you enjoyed it. Have a beautiful evening.

      Liked by 1 person

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