“Eternal Senescence”

“Eternal Senescence”
The tiny intricate veins
Were becoming more visible
With each passing day
As the skin continues to wither
The hues of amethyst and crimson
Spreading their colors
Beneath the thin layers
As if bleeding beneath the surface
Copiously more frail than that
Of merely a few days passed
Sunlight exposing the newly
Formed lines of degeneration
And yet, while fully immersed
Within eternal senescence
The beauty still reigns within
The dignity of being
Hues of colors never imagined
Radiating within their individual splendor
While the frangibility of existence
Pendulates between this world and the next
Its fragility lingers from birth
Until passing into the unknown
But in its existence…
Radiates the beauty of the universe
Immured into one single life…
Even for a maple leaf

Copyright 2014 All Rights Reserved

Often pendulating between this world and the next…



22 thoughts on ““Eternal Senescence”

  1. I am always moved by your work and this piece of art is no different. Beautiful. I look forward to your posts all the time. They have really broadened me. It is building a new love for poetry. Thank you so much.


    • Good evening Janetcate – I humbly thank you for your wonderful comments. I am honored that you look forward to my posts and very pleased that you are developing a new love for poetry. I just came from visiting your site and reading your post on “Gratefulness”… I enjoyed it very much and look forward to the follow up posts you mentioned. I may have to check out that book with the 33 day plan also. I’m drawn to most things that oddly mention the number “33”… Quite an enlightening and spiritual number… I suppose that was their intent in making it a 33 day plan. Thank you again for your kindness and have a beautiful evening…


    • Okay ‘thankfulgirl20’ – I’m noting your comment as a first for me. I’ve never been told by anyone else that my poetry gave them goosebumps. Thank you so very much for telling me so… I am honored to have given you goosebumps. Hopefully, it won’t be the last time.
      Have a beautiful day…

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Such a poignant observation, this poem reminded me of the hands of my Grandfather as he grew frail, just waiting to cross the divide..
    Your poems are very profound and Deep Michael.. and you hold such sensitivity of one who ‘Sees’ many things beyond the eye..

    Blessings and I hope to catch up soon again… You will get used to a Dreamwalker’s Comings and goings..
    ❤ in the mean time stay bright and sending healing vibes your way


  3. Oh wow almost one year later. I loved your use of the words frangibility, and senescence. Actually all of them so beautifully woven into a tapestry that is you Michael! I could see this all so clearly and enjoyed every bit of it! Thank you for sharing this with me. It gave me peace today and is a perfect way to finish up my day! Warm hugs! Micki


    • Thank you Micki… It’s not everyday you hear frangibility or senescence used in normal language but they poetically wonderful words. Glad you enjoyed it… thought you might with your love for the hues of the falling leaves…
      Hope you are enjoying a wonderful Friday evening…

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      • Hi! I really loved it and also all the beautiful words you chose! You have a special way of writing!
        I’ve been working and just settled down! I do love falling, fall and this time of year!
        I plan on writing to you about my day! Big hugs to you! Micki


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