The Beauty in Love

photo credit: wplynn via photopin cc

photo credit: wplynn via photopin cc

“The Beauty in Love”

Another blank page
Glaring into my eyes
Almost laughing in my face at my
Unfulfilled desire for poetic expressions…
If love can cure the sadness,
Can it not also return the
Beauty of the rhymes of life
To one’s heart and soul…
To be expressed upon
What once was a blank and
Unsympathetic page?
I have been often shown
By unexplained circumstances,
That love is the answer to all of life’s
Displeasures and uncertainties…
Yet, as I peer through a dirt covered
Window pane, observing only the
Barren branches of the Althea tree,
I am left in wonder of the truth that
Love is the answer, for there must always be
Beauty in love…
The tree branches are swaying
In rhythm with the gentle breeze
Proudly displaying its leafless
Nakedness without discomfiture,
While the tiny limbs intonations
Propagate the mellow sounds
Of natures percussion…
I watched in sudden wonderment
As the orchestral harmonies of nature
Filled my awakening to its beauty…
What is love if not perceived from
The intricacies of our universe…
What is love if it cannot be found
Within the beauty of an Athea tree…
Baring its soul to the breeze,
To the light of dawn,
And to my own wondering eyes…
As if to abrogate any doubt within me
Of what is beauty and what is love,
A Cardinal of magnificent allure
Landed upon perhaps the most crooked
Of  limbs of the Althea…
Standing proudly, clothed in crimson and wine
Masked in mystery and the eloquence of ebon
Eyes wide open and searching…
Perhaps for love…
His proud and radiant beauty
Upon the naked limbs of the Althea
Within the branches and against the sky
In shades of silver and slate
Is of the most magnificence…
I had found the beauty for which I searched…
I had found love within my vision
Even through the tenebrous glass…
But what of the Cardinal?
Was he searching for love…
Or had he already found his love…
Standing proudly upon the branch of the Althea?

© 2014 All Rights Reserved

May the beauty of love surround you…




17 thoughts on “The Beauty in Love

    • Thank you Janetcate… That’s just the kind of comment that is so beautiful to read. To paint a picture with words – a beautiful challenge. Thank you for being so kind. Hope you are having a wonderful evening.


    • Good evening Caro or in your case I guess once again it is late night. Thank you so much. I’m very glad you enjoyed it. I’m glad that I am typing this response, because my fingers are far too cold at this moment to write with a pen on paper. In fact, my whole body is far too cold to write, barely able to press the keys on my laptop. Why… you ask? Because I have just come from your site and after reading your post, I had to spend a considerable amount of time inside the refrigerator to cool down. Whew… Digging back into your files must be something of a hot pursuit. Hope you keep a fire extinguisher nearby. Anxiously awaiting your next…

      Liked by 1 person

      • This makes me smile tremendously.. What a unique way to describe your enjoyment of my poem… 🙂 I am maybe blushing which is never bad and goos for the complexion .. I will perhaps go traipsing through my archives and see what I can bring up for readers and for you .. I thank you like a crazy chick for reading and commenting. For a writer to hear inspiring and appreciative words from another writer.. Well it just does not get much better and it sure gets the self esteen revved and excited.. Thank you!!! Caro


    • I certainly know what it feels like when a writer hears inspiring and appreciative words from another writer because I faithfully read your comments. Keep that smile going… It brightens my day.


      • Thank you for these kind thoughts.. I have been riddled with restless nights and as I saw you say in your own words in response to another reader, I feel a heavy plight and burden over many parts of the human condition too and it comes pouring out sometimes as light but sometimes as dark.. However I feel we as society try to shuffle dark moods and feelings way under the table. I am totally off in left field!!”hey Michael I am over here!!”

        Heheh just a joke to hopefully make you smile… And to thank you again for touching me with yout poetry
        Have a beautiful day….😄 caro


    • I just happen to be one of those odd people that truly loves left field. I spend a lot of time out there and usually thoroughly enjoy myself because I meet such interesting souls out there. Probably often reflected within my writing is evidence of restless nights myself. Of course, I am sure that many of us who write are disturbed with restless nights. When it continues night after night it starts to take a toll on the physical and the mental aspects of life and can become quite a dilemma. The source of those restless nights is something that every individual has to deal with inside their own souls. Sometimes there really doesn’t seem to be a true answer and that makes it even more difficult to deal with. I hate to sleep… always have… so I probably deal with it better than most… I’ve always thought that sleep, although necessary for our minds and our bodies, was a waste of good time. I feel like, instead of sleeping, I could be doing something worthwhile, even if that worthwhile was nothing. Okay… now I’m out in left field again, but at least we can visit with one another out there… and yes… you made me smile… but then… you usually do that very well…

      Liked by 1 person

      • Awww how wonderful of you to say.. I too ( and thought I was the only one ) hate slreep ,, i have depression and anxiety due to more than one horrific trauma and to me sleep brings it on., the trauma I mean.. I love the night because some of thr clouds part a bit and my creative mind flows.. I also suffer from sleep paralysis which us scary as hell.. I have fear grip me ., sleep is a trigger.. I love our talks because I learn . You are a diamond in the ruff and i adore the balm of your words
        Peace to you carp


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