Loved Wrongly

Loved Wrongly

Good evening everyone.  I was going to post something other than what I have decided to post tonight, but due to a situation concerning someone who is very dear to my heart I changed the post to something more serious…
I thank all who take the time to read it and all who take the time to help another…

“Loved wrongly”
I’m not sure what to call it exactly…
Perhaps pretentious…
Perhaps ignorance…
Perhaps stupidity…
Those are the terms I would use
To describe your most recent actions…
I suppose that you would call it love…
Perhaps you would say he needs you
And that he cannot survive without your
Caring and mothering affections…
Yet you and I both know that he will survive…
With or without you…
I’m nearly certain that he can find another
Innocent who will be so willing to offer him their
Unbruised neck to be placed into the raging grasp
Of his strong and powerful hands
In order to prove their undying love for him…
Or perhaps… just perhaps… their dying love for him…
How many times must you gasp for your last
Breath of air before enlightenment shines upon you
Or before the light of the other side engulfs you
With no right of return into a life so young and fragile?
Statistics of the abuse of women
By those whom they care about
Profoundly indicate that if you continue
To feel sorry for him…
To care about him..
To profess your love for him…
That he will return that love unto you…
By hitting you
By choaking you
By burning you
By controlling your life
Your actions
Your desires
Your dreams
And yes… your very existence
Within this world…
But, of course…
Perhaps that is what you love about him…
Perhaps physical and mental cruelty
Is what fulfills
Your desires
Your dreams
And your very existence
Within this world……..
Or perhaps into the next!


Please shine your light upon the subject of abuse…
of all kinds…
Reach out for someone unable to find their
way to the light on their own…
I thank you with all my heart…
and so will they…




19 thoughts on “Loved Wrongly

  1. I am on the volunteer driver list for an abused women’s shelter. When they finally decide to leave I am one of the people who might end up picking them up and taking them to a place of love and shelter where they can be educated, get counseling, job assistance etc. There are many reasons women stay but when they finally decide to leave the reasons all basically boil down to one. When they leave they have come to the end of their excuses. I encourage women to either leave or to at least report themselves to child services so the children can be given a fighting chance.


    • You are a beautiful person… but then, I already knew that. I just wish we could find a way to help them see the light before the next time they get hurt. It seems that even when they leave, they just end up going right back into the fire. I know that it must be very tough sometimes to pick them up and take them to safety, but please know that you are very much admired for volunteering to do so. I thank you…


      • It’s not tough for me, it’s like an “In your face” to the monsters in my past. Generally a woman leaves or attempts to leave at least three times before she finally makes it stick. No one can convince them of it but themselves.


    • Thank you Audrey… I’ll keep trying as long I am able to do so, but it often seems like I’m just beating my head against the wall and those who need to listen the most… don’t! Tomorrow’s post will be more pleasant…
      I certainly hope that you are having a most pleasant evening…
      As always, I thank you for hanging out here…


    • Good evening. Thanks for taking the time to comment. Yes, most of us wish that the stories did not exist, but sad as it may be, as long as the reality exists of someone suffering by the hands of an abuser, then the stories will continue fill our hearts with sadness. Light must be shed upon the subject or those who suffer most from this atrocity, will remain silent and hide their bruises in the darkness. We need many more hands reaching out to them to help bring them into the light.
      Thanks again for visiting and your comments are very much appreciated.
      Have a beautiful evening…


    • Good evening. Thank you so much for your kindness. I’ve been hanging out on your site today also. I loved the “Mount Your Steeds” post… and isn’t that photo magnificent. Quite the combination of artistry. Thank you so much for visiting and for taking the time to converse a little. I love to interact with those whom I enjoy reading…
      Have a wonderful evening…

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  2. A well worded poem Michael and so many who are in abusive relationships think they will change… Working as I have done within my job role Its a hard pattern to break.. As those who are abused are sometimes victims of their love for the one who abuses them.. And their abusers know it..

    My thoughts go out to all who are in abusive relationships… And its not always women who are on the receiving end ..
    Bless you for your thought provoking words and Caring


    • Hi Sue – I agree completely with your thoughts on abusive relationships. I’ve seen many, seen one up close and personal, and lately have not seen but have heard about one that affects someone very dear to me. You have to be quite an enlightened spirit to have worked with situations involving this horrible sickness. And I thank you also for having offered your compassion so willingly to others.

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  3. Hi. It’s lunch time here…well just after but anyway I’ve had you on my heart and mind all day! I don’t understand it. I wanted to pick something to read while I’m sitting here eating my lunch and I cannot believe I chose this one! That is what I love about blogging you never know what you are going to read that grabs ahold of you and causes you to pay attention. This did it. I read yesterday the links you commented to me and now here I am randomly picking which post to read and of all of them, I have no idea how many there are, I choose this one. While I eat I’m sitting here listening to a women’s group teacher for DVI Domestic Violence Intervention. The speaking is talking about those that always want to hold your transgressions up to you as if you can never move on and be free. Then I read this and I think to myself…god why have I thought about this person I do not know all day? Then I look at my clock still waiting for the doctor to call with results for my daughter. She’s been texting me non-stop all morning and I am overcome with so much something I don’t know what it is and part of me yesterday when I read you blog was a little afraid because I allowed myself to be misled by someone on WP so it’s so hard not to be gun-shy with my sharing! I wish it wasn’t so but it is. I found myself wanting to share but afraid to. So if you think I’m odd I am. I’m a hit and run share person. Thank you for a safe space to share. I have one other and they are like little havens where I can breath and not worry about what I share.
    I have no idea where I was in this comment sorry I’m so distracted waiting all day. I know you know how this feels. I just briefly read about your illness late last night so today with a fresh mind I wanted to send you something. Well 2 things actually! This link it’s private it once was public but I had to hide it for awhile…

    I wanted to answer your question about why do poets write about love. I think until we realize that we have no idea what love is then we forever muse, write, dream, hope, dream and wonder what it’s like. I think Love yes can be physical but it’s so much more then that. Sex is only 5% of a relationship so really the 95% is trying to learn to live with someone in your space. But what if some had one goal and that was to know your heart? Also that you felt known. I think the saddest feeling in life is to never be known. Growing up the way I did it was hard to let my guard down so being known has been huge in my life! Of course there is always some dude that wants to KNOW me and I grow weary of that type of thing! It always turn sexual and quite frankly that should be icing on the cake the the cake itself. So maybe poets write about love because they have the desire to be known, like in the heart of hearts in the deepest deep like so deep that you didn’t even realize that depth was there! The jury is still out on this for me, but I want someone to know my heart and before I die I want to know what it feels like to be loved completely! Okay back to work but I hope whatever I shared here helped or gave you pause or geez I feel kinda stupid but oh well. I’m fine with being stupid too…because I know I’m not! 😀 That made me laugh!


    • Good afternoon MichelleMarie… You must educate me on this wordpress thing. The comment I am responding to is gold in color and did not appear in my comments section of the post indicated. So I only hope that my response finds its way to you.
      I Hope your lunch was quite enjoyable. Perhaps your choice of “Loved Wrongly” was not the best for reading at lunch, but what profound synchronicity that you chose it to read while listening to someone talk about domestic violence. Seems to be a lot of that synchronicity echoing in the wind lately. Perhaps I was on your mind, because I was ‘in’ your mind, reading your wonderful comments that you have so brightened my spirit with.
      I hope you hear from the dr soon and you receive some encouraging news that will let your mind rest awhile. The waiting… the hope… the anxiety… can all be quite exhausting…
      MichelleMarie… Never… never… ever feel stupid for sharing your thoughts… a portion of your life with another… for sharing with another helps our souls to expand and helps our lights to shine a little brighter each time. You have certainly brightened mine… and I thank you…


      • Oh wow thank you! I know exactly what you mean about the gold comments! I have not figured that out yet! I think there are two sets of them. The gold ones are the ones that are comments on your posts and then the ones that are blue are both. So odd but I got your comment! Sometimes I try to comment from my phone and I have no idea if they go or not! Oh well I can only imagine how large their servers are at WP to hold all this data and all the photos alone take up a lot of space!
        I don’t think we are going to hear from Alex’s dr. She called her and they have not gotten the test results back. Her dr thinks she is in kidney failure that is so scary. I usually don’t get scared ever. Gosh I praying it’s like an infection or something like that.
        I think this post was perfect because like you said it is synchronicity. I laugh at myself when someone says or shares a words that puts it all together for me! Not like I’m a big dummy or anything it’s just that I don’t think like most people think and have been accused of maybe being dumb or stupid but I’m very intelligent it’s just sometimes I don’t really care to hear what some people have to say so my brain goes somewhere else! I don’t like other people’s thoughts inside my brain unless they are positive and lovely and good thoughts. That’s a lovely thought right there! 😀 Thank you too Michael! Did you know that Michelle is the female version of Michael and that it means gift from God! Oh ya that’s me and that’s you! I’m taking that one well I think I’ll just hold that thought because that’s an awesome thought! You should hold it too! I think! Pretty cool being a gift from the big guy upstairs! 😀


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