Inducing a Smile

Althea bee 4

Inducing a Smile
Good evening fellow bloggers and visitors from other worlds,,.
Just feeling a little on the lighter side of writing today, so I thought… (ahh ohh – a thought… that’s not always a good thing with me)…
So, I thought that I would offer a couple of Haikus and of course, as most of you have come to realize, I never seem to be able to write a serious Haiku… So here are a couple of un-serious ones and a short, also un-serious poem, strictly in the attempt to induce some serious smiles…

Fairy Tale Haiku
Once upon a time
On a blog, far far away
There lived a haiku
Mother Nature Haiku (or maybe not)
You took my flower
Then you pollinated me
Most Bee U T full
Okay… done with the Haiku
The Sting
That was a serious sting
The burning and hurt beyond
Any anticipation…
It wasn’t the sting of a bee however,
It was from her…
The one with the big blue eyes…
At least when a bee flies at you
With a smile on her face
You know her intentions…

© 2014

Hmm… two bee poems… you’d think that I must have had an encounter…



23 thoughts on “Inducing a Smile

    • I can’t think of anything I’d rather have as a result of my writing than inducing smiles. I love that word – ‘picute’ – I guess you noticed that the bee must be related to us since he wears the 33…
      Glad you were here… Have an enlightened evening

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      • Omg… I can’t write. Got a good laugh on this one. I’v been writing funny and wrong all day. Something is a bit off today …Yes I noticed the little 33 on the bee. Have blessed weekend


  1. Michael, your gravitar is worsening the headache I already have.

    I know you don’t feel well, however, is it necessary to have it ” in our face” so to speak? I don’t feel well ever, either, however, I try not to drag people into my dramas.

    I submit: change your gravitar already!

    There is some merit to the artistc expression of pain, the “Goya” effect, if that’s giw his name is soloed not certain he is, I think you know the artist I am referring to, the one who painted wars graphically, so it does have merit to express onself through images, but there is a limit, in my opinion.

    It may well cheer you up too, if you change your gravita, there is another reason as well: we are not the body, we are the indeweller that resides within the body and, that indeweller, is also called the soul, so, it comes down to this: the soul is always well. The body, mind and emotions, are often not well and all three die upon death, however, the one who we truly are is the soul, which is immortal and therefore, always well.

    So there you go, my sermon for today, something that I never do but I made an exception with you today.

    I’s a preacher woman today.

    Gonna go and get a video that I just love, bought the album as soon as I saw it and I will post it here to go with my sermon!


    • My dearest Geneviéve

      I stand here in the nakedness of my soul
      Fully and completely excoriated to the
      Depths of my being…
      For if I hath forsaken thee
      By dragging your physical being
      By thy most beautiful locks to
      Face an image of such disgust…
      I am so humbly sorry…
      For I meant you no malevolence…
      Nor harm to your visual experiences…
      Nor pain to your emotional well being…
      In your impassioned truculence
      I have withered within my shell
      Like a tortoise in fear of the raven,
      My gravatar lingering in uncertainty
      Of its own existence beyond this very moment…
      Causing great apprehension, trembling in
      Anticipation of its extinction…
      Yet… it is no fault of its own
      That it has had to endure conviction
      Of its very being, simply because
      It does not portray an image of beauty…
      It is merely a simple representation
      Of the physicality, portraying the
      Emotional state of one who has
      Endured unfathomable sufferings…
      In full confession of my senses
      The image does indeed do as you imply…
      As it so beautifully elucidates a
      Perfect reflection of the body, mind,
      And emotional state of the one for
      Which it stands…
      Yet… it does not represent in any manner
      The state of the soul…
      For the soul is represented mostly
      By the actions and the words of
      The one who so willingly places
      His soul before you within his poetry…
      You needn’t fear his mere and meager image
      Or allow it to interfere with your
      Emotions or physical well being,
      For it will remain in silence…
      Even withholding its appearance
      While discovering such beauty
      Within your amazing artistry
      That you so willingly display
      Upon the pages that you place
      Before us…
      Even within the most tenacious
      Desires to express himself within
      The ‘likes’ of conversation…
      For his greatest wish is that
      No harm be rained upon you
      By the images of his reality…
      For “The words you speak become
      The house you live in”………
      I wish for you great love and peace
      Within the beautiful explorations
      Of the soul…..



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      • I am relieved to hear that you understand that the soul is always well due to its nature being immortal, so I am humbled by your willingness to show and expose the rawness of your vulnerability and your razor blade cut pain.

        This knowledge of your outstanding the depth of solufullness inspires my soul to grow in the light of the One who created both heaven and earth, and yet, is also in a place of formlessness, being the One, who is — always has been, and yet is unborn; this, the divine mystery, which we, as mere mortals will never understand, until, the drop returns to the ocean of all consiousness.

        Namaste, dereast, Michael, child of God, my brother in God.



  2. I’m allergic to bees! So you are brave to me! I planted these crazy butterfly bushes in the front of my house to bfly…well have not seen one yet! Just those gigantic bumble bees. I’m running to the door and in a hurry to get inside! How crazy! I like this bee photo! You know what? I’m so thankful that you aren’t who I thought you were here on WP. You know something no matter what I’m staying me MichelleMarie nickname Micki. Same pic and all that because owning my stuff is big to me! I see so many come and go and delete such beautiful work and I want mine to stay and maybe one day my girl will want to read about her mom. Otherwise…..I loved literature, poetry and all that in school but I didn’t like the structure and dissecting of the words. I feel just like this about my art. Once someone wanted to nominate me for an eddy that is an award in journalism. I know you probably know but I’m just telling you in case you don’t! I said no. No to my art and all being entered into anything. I feel this way about my work work, I get paid a wage to do what I do form 8-5 what I create then is owned by the company I work for but this other blog stuff…it’s the inner me so I cannot adhere to any type of poem form. I know a lot of people do and sometimes I want to say how I really feel so I hope you don’t mind but I don’t fit any form other then me and neither do my words and all the art stuff. Boy you sure are bring out a lot in me! I’m going to add this to my journal so I don’t forget! I like to do that!

    I’ve been stung like you! I’m the type once I’m stung I don’t get over it. It heals but next time I bring my Epipen and wear a bee suit! LOL. Haz mat! Hey maybe you should try that! Just guard your heart! It’s the wellspring of life you know! I like that a lot! I know it’s hard for you to do but mostly don’t fall for these dummy women…they are trouble…I see them! I try to stay away from them too! YUCK!


    • You know… I have so enjoyed our conversations here… You have brightened my spirit in so many ways more often than I can count and I’d just like to say ‘thank you’…
      If my writing has any form at all, it comes as a surprise to me. I have had people tell me what form a particular poem I have written is and I will say… What? I don’t even know what that is. I couldn’t name the forms or meters or whatever else they gauge poetry on and don’t care to learn them. When anyone comments that they have trouble writing poetry in any form or meter… I stop them right there and tell them that the only way to write poetry is to forget all the rules and simply place on the page your heart and soul… If you can do that, then someone out there will like it… will relate to it… will feel it in their own heart and soul. It’s the emotions that are meaningful to me… not conforming to some standard of writing. What pours out of my heart and soul and finds its way onto the parchment, is why I write. If it inspires even one person who finds my words, than I have created a masterpiece…
      Your heart and soul shine ever so brightly in your artistic brilliance and we are so very lucky to have you share it with us… when it comes from the heart and soul… It’s perfect!


      • Me too I do that a lot when someone says anything about my writing or whatever it is I do. Plus sometimes they say did you mean this or that? I seriously don’t mean anything sometimes at all. LOL Like it’s mindless everything I do. I don’t think about it. It comes from my heart/gut/soul.
        Thank you for your kind compliments. It’s been so hard to open up and share that I’m thankful I’ve come this far!
        I’m happy to learn that you play guitar. I love that you picked it back up! I used to play piano when I was younger and I just stopped. Maybe I’ll play again who knows! I think there is all sorts of songs and music in us we just touched the tip of all we have inside! 😀 Yay for that!


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