“The Encounter”

The Encounter

The Encounter
Truly mystified by your aura
Glowing in Tyrian hues
While I had never before
Observed such beauty in translucence
My uncertainty of your presumed
Perfection of the human form
Carried my wandering vision
Far beyond the passions of the ordinary
My mind, my body and the depths of my soul
Lingered on the thought of thy touch
Whilst knowing within my heart
That thou wilt not move thy hand
In my direction…
Yet, as I stand near to your essence
Your Tyrian aura expanding far beyond the
Realms of normality
Ominously seducing the silver and blue
Hues of my own…
Tempting my fate to reach out for you…
To inhale the magnificent aroma
Surrounding your sumptuous beauty…
Filling my senses with ambrosia
While fulfilling my most sensuous dreams
I must find a way to remove myself
From the nearness of you,
Before my fate is cast into
The darkness of regret…
For I know you far too well…
Whilst you know nary of me
I shall learn to be with contentment
Awakening from having dreamt of you,
Ensconcing forever, your essence
Within my remembrance…
While you awaken within yours…
Knowing that I have done so…

© 2014

Now I must find a way to remove myself
From the nearness of you…

Have a beautiful Saturday evening…



18 thoughts on ““The Encounter”

    • Good evening Tina – Umm – I presume you are referring to Tyrian… If so it is a reference to the color… I’m so well versed on video games that I didn’t know one existed by that name until this very moment… Guess I should have picked a color of different hues… Hope you’re having a wonderful Saturday evening…


    • Perhaps the only real finality
      lies within the perceptions
      of the reader…
      I love it when you walk through my poems…
      Journey through them whenever you like…
      But leave the haunting behind…
      Hope you are having a most perfect weekend…
      I’ll be looking forward to our next conversation..
      Either your place or mine…


    • Professing that your own insecurities
      Somehow led you into some
      Misinterpretation of the situation
      That was placed before your very eyes…
      Can not and should not linger within the darkness…
      For all of our insecurities shine their light
      Upon our own perceptions…
      Yet, love hath no finality…
      For it shall linger into eternity
      While the soft flickering of the fireflies
      Continue to ignite the remembrances
      Of what was…
      Never to haunt us within our dreams…
      Yet, we can always dream…

      Crap… I shouldn’t write poetry in my comments section…
      That would have made a good post… but I thank you Audrey
      For the inspiration…


  1. Who on earth is the enchantress?
    My goodness, I believe fantasies might be better than reality because in real life people are bored with each other after the ‘honeymoon’ phase of the relationship turns into too much duty and ‘honey do’ lists, done by both men and women.


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  3. Whoa wait…. are you speaking of flowers here or what? 😀 I think maybe not! In that case I better defer to the other commenters but if you want to know what I think about this flower and your correlation to that…..This flower looks to me like a peony almost! I wonder if it smelled as wonderful as they do! Almost too much actually! I looked twice and this plant looks like moss, and the small flower that blooms! I’m not sure though but I know my vegetation. Deer usually feed on these at dusk! At least my Pa told of this! During their rutting season they usually eat the rest of the plant but geez I think all of this is out of my league because I’m talking about plants and flowers and I just realized you might be writing about something else! 😛
    I said I was going to read so I am! No matter what shows up! 😀


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