Femme Fatale

Femme Fatale

Within the clouds of wisdom
I find you in the rain
Touching my heart with merely a smile
Extinguishing all the pain
Some say you are a temptress
Yet I give to you my heart
I find your allure intriguing
Perfection in transcendent art
Some call you a magical enchantress
Dangerous to those unaware
Seducing and deadly to those of the light
Who live by the words of Voltaire
Danger is merely expression
Of adventure still yet to explore
Like finding the dagger you used in the crime
Still hidden in the back of the drawer
Perhaps you are more than Medusa
Turning my heart into stone
Maybe you’re here to capture my soul
Or maybe just seeds to be sown
I’ll follow you into your cavern
No matter how dark that it seems
Your intrigue will lead me to linger
With the temptress fulfilling my dreams
For danger is merely an expresson
Of adventure still yet to explore
My hunger for a taste of your passion
From the oleander soup that you pour
Some say that your femme fatale
A dangerous mortiferous affair…
But what if the fear is just love obsessed
As I sip from the slipper you wear?
Holding you close in your dungeon
Your dagger slipping into my heart
I wonder if you’ve loved me forever
As my consciousness slowly departs…

© 2014 All Rights Reserved

For danger is merely expression
Of adventure still yet to explore



12 thoughts on “Femme Fatale

    • Good morning Audrey Dawn – A very beautiful Christmas Eve to you and yours. I do believe that you have wandered upon a truth in your statement of “whomever you were when you wrote this”… I suppose that would bring cause to proclaim that I am the poet of many souls… yet, the lot of them seem to be overburdened with sadness and some just plain fools… but they do present some interesting words upon occasion… Now – if they would just let me get a few of my own words in once in a while…..
      Merry Christmas to you also and thank you so much for our conversations over the past few months – I have enjoyed them dearly…


  1. Always searching for new adventures to explore… a little danger mixed in just makes it more alluring…
    You had to dig back in the closets a little to find this post… thank you very much for caring enough to do so…
    Hope your day is filled with alluring adventures…


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