In the Hush

In the Hush

In the Hush
The power of being positive…
Is that what it takes to make it in this world?
Isn’t that just for souls that have not been battered?
What about the minds that can’t be unfurled?
What about the hues of blues and greens swirled
Around my eyes… never completely healing
Before the new ones gush?
I reach for things that are positive…
Only to have my arm beaten down and broken
Or my feet knocked out from beneath my weary body
Just because of words that were not spoken
Behind those wooden doors that can’t be opened
Lest the secrets find their way into the light
Before the next one lingers in the hush…
I’ve watched them in the videos and on the stage
Walking briskly, speaking crisply, to a crowd of thousands
Smiling as if they know something that others do not
Convincing them all from the cities, across the low land
To remove their buried heads from beneath the sand
While those doing the convincing
Are the ones who wear the pockets
Jingling with the coins
Flaunting all their cards of royal flush…
I think positive every day…
Every morning that I wake up
Each time I am able to get up from the bed
And walk to the coffee pot
To pour my first cup of coronary resuscitation…
Knowing that my life is not an aberration
And that I can form just one single thought inside my head…
Then… I know that I am not dead
And the certitude abounds to know
Of life…
And of love…
And that I have the reasoning to know
Of their deepening beauty…
Evincing the realization that my life is plush
I cannot skip across a stage and speak of
My enlightenment… or my positive attitude…
The pockets on my faded overalls certainly do not jingle…
But my heart runneth over with gratitude…
For in theory… I should no longer exist within my humanness…
Yet… here I am…
Before the window facing the dawn…
My clear glass coffee cup etched with dragonflies
And the three blades of Timothy…
Filled beyond my expectations
As I sit and await the crimson…
Tranquillized by hope…
Drifting through the realms
Like a rope in the open sea…
While I linger in the hush…
© 2014 All Rights Reserved
What do you find when you linger in the hush?


19 thoughts on “In the Hush

  1. I love organic green tea with organic jasmine flowers in it, and a half a teaspoon of organic honey as my coffe subsitute. Coffe makes me crazyI
    I get all wired and speedy. So everyone who knows me never offers me a cup of coffe! lol

    Love your raw poem.


    • Good evening Asariels Muse – Yes, even in our darkest moments, if we’ll just look around ourselves, we can find something beautiful. I hope that you know how much I appreciate and enjoy your continued visits and comments. They are my encouragement…


  2. I just wanted to stop by and wish you a Happy New Year, Michael. I’m looking forward to reading your blog in 2015, so I thought I’d feed you with a little “positive” energy. Keep writing from your heart, and I’ll keep reading. . .


    • Thank you Laine – and I wish you a most beautiful year ahead. I’m always in need of ‘positive’ energy so anytime you have a little extra, I’ll be more than grateful to receive it. Enjoy your new year in whatever manner you can enjoy it the best. I too am looking forward to our interactions in 2015… at your place and at mine…

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I get such delight from reading your work. I too make it to the coffee maker and then to my spot by the window when I await dawn and wonder what this day will hold for me. Look forward to your continue work in 2015


    • Hi Janetcate – I so appreciate your kindness. With you at your window and I at mine… perhaps we shall pass in the dawn…
      Hope you have a most beautiful new year and a magnificent year ahead.


    • Good evening Danica – Your comments continue to make me feel honored and humbled in the same moment and I thank you very much. I too am looking forward to more wonderful enlightenment to absorb from your writing and of course… many more interactions.
      Wishing you a beautiful 2015 as well…

      Liked by 1 person

    • There’s that compassionate person that I’ve come to know over the past few months through our exchange of words. It always makes one feel special when you find that there is someone else out there in the world that is thinking of you. You should feel that specialness every morning because you always enter my thoughts while I linger in the stillness. I”m looking forward to many more encounters throughout 2015.
      Have a most beautiful evening…


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