“Queen of the Knight”

Good evening all…

I’d like to wish all of you a very happy new year and very beautiful experiences along the way through the next three hundred sixty two days and nights of 2015.  Since joining wordpress in September, I have had some wonderful experiences reading your blogs, enjoying the visitors, the likers, the followers and especially those who have taken the time to leave their most inspiring, encouraging, enlightening and often humorous comments.  They always brighten my day and I am honored and humbled by you all… I am also very appreciative of those of you who have been very tolerable of my rather lengthy comments on your sites.  I do so love the interactions between us all and truly hope that it continues throughout this year and many more… I am both honored and humbled by the unexpected special friendships that have developed from within this experience… and I thank you sincerely…

I apologize for my unexplained disappearance for a few days.  It seems that I somehow became invisible and couldn’t find myself.  During this time of my imponderable physicality, it seems that I must have traveled into the fifteenth century and absorbed the life experiences from some previous lifetime.  I am certain that many of you who have been following my posts have already surmised that I would post something a little “odd” for my first publishing of the New Year. I hope you enjoy reading the account of my experiences within this other era of our world, as much as I enjoyed posting it.  Maybe it will place a smile upon your face.

“The Queen of the Knight”
I was a little in awe as I knelt down before him
The stone walls cold and the torch lighting dim
My right shoulder felt the touch of the blade
The disquietude beginning to fade
Laying the steel upon the left shoulder
Presenting the crowd with an unknown soldier
All of the liturgy for using my flagon
To rescue his lady from the path of the dragon
The king had not known me before in this time
His sword would have severed if he’d known of my crime
For I’ve known his lady as more than his queen
Seduced by her sensuous iris of green
His subjects were pleased by the king’s interactions
And little disturbed by my lack of reactions
Many had thought me a bit on the shady
But they never suspected I’d slept with their lady
I now will be staying inside castle walls
My passion will wander its path down the hall
The lady’s desires rage far beyond lust
And the loyal Sir Knight will do what he must
I will lay down my life for her majesty’s sake
It is only her absence that makes my heart ache
Dishonoring the king will be my demise
When his lady the queen can tell no more lies
I was happy just being the pauper and pawn
Serving like water improperly drawn
Obscured from their vision like the rare blackened dove
Surrendered to my lady, the queen and her love
My knighthood beckons the call of the Sir
Being a vagabond is what I prefer
I’ll bow to the king and live in the dream
While silently stealing the cream of the queen
I’d rescue her honor, again from the fire
Not for the king but for my lady’s desires
For why let the dragon devour her bones
Whilst I can do that on my own?

© 2014 All Rights Reserved

And the loyal Sir Knight will do what he must…

(Sir) Michael33


23 thoughts on ““Queen of the Knight”

  1. Very cool. One of my favorite romance stories in literature. I had a picture of Richard Gere ( did i spell that right? ) as Lancelot, in the movie. He was so yummy 🙂
    Sorry , that was a girl thing. 🙂
    I do love the poem, especially the last lines. 🙂


    • Good morning Annie – Glad you liked the poem. I believe there are many who feel the same way about Mr. Gere and probably have described him in much the same way as you have. Those last lines are my favorites also. Hope it brought a smile to your face. Have a beautiful day..


  2. Well Sir Knight. Its good to go AWL now and again and do some Time Travelling back to when Knights were Bold and the Queens were balder.. 🙂
    Cool Poem Michael…. Sure glad the Dragon didn’t devour her..
    :-D… Have a great weekend..


    • Good morning Sue – The AWL was unintentional and the time travelling unplanned but very enjoyable. Glad you liked it and I’m sure that Sir Knight is still out there, lingering in some other century… saving damsels in distress… perhaps for something other than his honor… Hope your weekend and the starting of the new year are most beautiful…

      Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you – glad you enjoyed it. Hope it brought you a smile. He was a daring knight… but something tells me that it could possibly be hazardous to his health in his near future…
      Hope your weekend is wonderful and your new year is off to a great start…


  3. Happy New Year to you too.. and may the year bring us more of the Knight… stoute bliksem… (use Google translate)… loved the poem, had such a good flow and such a good rhythm… spell binding…


    • Good morning bulldog – Glad you liked it. There may be more of the Knight to follow… however, I’m a little concerned about his lifespan under the current circumstances and the king’s sharpened sword…
      Hope you’re having a terrific weekend and have time to put that camera to taking more wonderful photographs… Thanks for dropping by…


  4. Well, that seals it for me, you know. You’re only allowed to write like this, Sir. I can’t begin to describe how much I enjoyed this poem of yours, Michael. In so many ways obvious and not…this speaks to my soul. Lovely, as usual, but you’ve been hiding this part of you from us. He should come around more often. Please. Brilliantly written and I am keeping this one for myself. Thank you. :)♡


    • Good morning Janetcate – I was certainly hoping that it would bring a smile but when someone enjoys it well enough to share it with one they love… I am very honored. Thank you… and thank you for helping to brighten my day. Hope your weekend is terrific….


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