The Lines of Life

Good morning everyone – Hope your morning is as bright with sunshine as is mine.  Today’s post is a little different, although… I’ve come to the conclusion that most of my posts are a little different which, in reality… makes them not different at all, but rather ordinary… I hate ordinary… so I’m hopeful that it provides you a smile or provokes thoughts that you may not have experienced in a while.  I hope all of you have a magnificent weekend… I’ll be reading your most recent posts, so I’ll be looking for enlightenment upon your pages.  I am certain that I will find it… Thanks to all of you for your contributions to wordpress, to the writing community, and to those of us seeking to better our being through the wisdom of others…

The Lines of Life

Our minds passed by one another
In antithesis…
As if total strangers,
Both of them focused intently on
What was directly in front of them
Without even the slightest notion
Of what was east…
Or what was west…

Neither of them nodded, smiled or spoke to the other…
Like walking along the sidewalks downtown
Noticing naught of the people wandering alongside…
Our I’s straight before our faces
Stretching our intelligence to the brink of insanity
Slinging angry birds through the air…
Both of our minds traveling in such straight lines
Neither of them wavering even one degree
To the north…
Nor to the south…

Maybe we should allow our minds to travel in circles
Yet, the circles they traveled in before
Allowed only brief encounters along those lines
And never just two points upon the line…
Springing forth from those circles
And into the lines now traveled straightforwardly
In directions of perpendicularity
Seeming to never have moved in parallel
Neither short
Nor long

Remember when our minds moved in triangles
At work…
At play…
In the bedroom?
Our minds were happy for a space in time
But it seems we never found
The perfect hypotenuse…
Never able to recognize the proper sine
Nor the truth of a cosine…
While we just wallowed in our tangents

Perhaps one day soon
Within this chaos of reality…
We’ll move our points on a line closer to one another
Or pass into the non-perpendicularity,
Where someday we shall meet by chance
At the bisection of our lines…
And have coffee…
And conversation…
And perhaps………………………………?

Copyright © 2015 All Rights Reserved

Don’t wallow in your tangent
While searching for the perfect hypotenuse…



14 thoughts on “The Lines of Life

  1. I used to hope that one day the points on the line might be closer together. Till one day they weren’t on the line at all and one was gone and I was still sitting there waiting! I stopped that!
    I wanted to check on you so I thought after I finished my deadline I would come over to your place and read! I thought about you yesterday and hope you are okay! I posted several sunrises yesterday as I was here early in the am caught a photo from the back dock! Always an amazing sight!
    Just checking on you to make sure of something but I’m not really sure why I’m here, just that I am…here that is! Sending a warm reassuring hug! I think I’ll sit here awhile! It’s peaceful over here! Thinking of you! Mick


    • I am so happy that you dropped by this afternoon. I just returned from hanging out at your place for a while, absorbing… smiling… feeling the light and love that emanates from all your posts. It’s enlightening to my soul and healing to my heart. Your post “Believe” captured my thoughts and still lingers in my mind… Beautiful… Thank you so much for checking on me and the warm reassuring hug. Always… always… makes me feel better…
      Warm hugs to you…


      • Hey Michael I feel to share about Believe! Why I chose Believe! When Alex was first diagnosed I literally sought God!
        This is scary to share I’m waiting to see if I feel safe before I go on!
        Nov. 1, 1995 11:21 pm the dr admitted Alex to ICU she was almost dead! I had no idea! She seemed crazy out of her mind but she was 2 so how could that be! Her blood sugar was 1021 and her thyroid wasn’t working! By 2 am she was passed out from sheer exhaustion! I was laying in the dark and I said to God…god if you are real like real real I need to know because if I don’t I’ll never sleep again because who’s gonna watch my baby? I laid there and waited and I heard, not audibly but , I am here you can sleep! It scared me so I covered my head and peeked and Alex was sound asleep! There was a light under the door but I didn’t see anything or anyone! So I whispered God is that you! And he whispered yes it’s me you can sleep!
        That’s my tenderest moment Michael! That’s what I mean by Believe! I believe in that sustaining, life giving power of God because my girl is a miracle! Since then shes been diagnosed with so many diseases I can’t name them all yet she is still alive! I remember when she was 3 I asked God what do I do I’m not a mother! I had a terrible mother so what to I do! He said teach her to love me like you do! Now I’m crying because I pray I do and she knows the love of God that one that keeps whispering your name I hear it! I know you hear it too!
        I’m hitting reply before I change my mind! I release this God to do whatever it is it needs to do!

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    • Wow! Micki… what an amazing story to wake up to this morning… filling my spirit with the light as I sip my first cup of coffee… Yes… I too “Believe”… Miracles have surrounded me on a number of occasions and that’s the only reason that I am able to be here this morning having this wonderful conversation with you. Thank you for sharing such a beautiful moment in your life. Sounds to me like Alex has been blessed with a wonderfully caring mother that has stood by her side her entire life and will always be there for her. I wish everyone was so blessed… The love between shines a very bright light and brightens the lives of those around you… even those of us who are around you in the cyber world, can feel your light. Thank you for sharing that with us as well…
      Hope your Friday is most beautiful Micki…


      • Oh yay! You know I never share that only with those I feel God wants me to. I didn’t know before to keep the sacred things sacred. I grew up without boundaries so I didn’t know there were things that happened that were just for me to share when I was led to share them. Also I think tiny miracles happen in our lives every day but we miss them because we are too busy. When those happen like now I stop and am thankful. I am thankful for you and whatever this connection is. I love God/heart connections. I have a song for you! It’s called Angel Doves. I was going to say have a happy Friday…but sometimes we aren’t happy but at peace and I think that peace is most important above all things and also hope and love. Content maybe is a good word. I’ve learned to be content in all situations. Even when I’m crazy running all over the place. Today I’m slowing down and enjoying this moment as a beautiful start to my day! I’m waiting the sunrise right now and thinking of you! I Believe Micki


      • P.S. You inspired me today! All I posted was because of you and for you! I hope, I love, I believe! I pouring out for you and I don’t know why but I am and I’m not afraid! Wow!
        Hope that doesn’t scare you!

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  2. And perhaps. Another inspirational one. I’m getting used to being inspired here, but not used to the level you reach with some of your work. I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry at

    Our I’s straight before our faces

    too perfect. Awesome job, Michael.


    • Oh, Marcus… Thank you, thank you. You are the only one that has caught the “I’s straight before our faces”… or at least the only one that has ever commented about it. Pat yourself on your back for me… You’ve truly made my day…


      • The sound you just heard was my shoulder popping as I tried to pat myself on the back 🙂
        The I’s jumped off the page at me. Made me smile – I love play on words and that one is priceless.

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