The Color of Peace

photo credit: qthomasbower via photopin cc

photo credit: qthomasbower via photopin cc

The Color of Peace
I gave a purple orchid to a woman
Who lived amongst the ISIS hard of heart
I told her how to wear it in her radiant dark hair
And how to turn her hate back into art
I gave to her a pallet from the rainbow
A canvass and a brush to paint her call
For if to kill another soothes your rest less soul
Then paint a master piece upon the wall
She spoke to me in anger of repression
Of injustice and the depths of bigotry
I handed her a dove on olive branches
And told her only peace would set her free
She said she heard this story long before me
In languages of which I’d never known
She said that I should look back into history
For one in burkas did not cast the stone
I gave a rainbow flag to her to wave
To replace the weapons resting in her hands
A thousand paper cranes would grant her wishes
To bring the peace upon her cherished land
She placed her loaded weapon on the ground
The orchid resting calmly in her hair
She took the brush and pallet to the wall of tolerance
And painted peace with all her soul could bear

Copyright © 2015 All Rights Reserved

Only P E A C E will set us free…



9 thoughts on “The Color of Peace

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  2. What a beautiful poem. Peace is something I yearn for every day. Peace in myself, peace in the world. We see so much violence now. Barbara MArx Hubbard calls them Evolutionary Drivers bringing us into greater consciousness and bringing a new paradigm shift into the world. Interesting to think about.


    • Hi Janetcate – you certainly have it in the right order. We have to have peace within ourselves before we can make peace in the world… We definitely are in need of a greater consciousness among all the people of the world. Thank you so much for dropping by and sharing your enlightenment with us…


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